5 Cat Breeds with Short Hair

A shorthaired cat breeds are suitable people who want to have a low-maintenance pet. It does not need daily grooming, yet it only needs periodic brushing to keeps its fur healthy. There are so many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. No need to worry, here is the list of shorthaired cat breeds that is right for you!

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian is considered as one of the oldest breeds. It has almond-shaped eyes and a “ticked” coat. It has several shorthaired coat colors and often compared to a mountain lion. There are some debates over the origin of this cat. However, some people believe that originated comes from Ethiopia.

This cat’s breed is smart and has a high level of curiosity. If you are looking for an active cat, this one might be the right for you!

2. Siamese

Siamese is famous for its vibrant blue eyes, and its point coloring. It has large and triangular ears and angular body. The size of this breed is medium with a short and glossy coat. Many people believe that Siamese is originated from “Siam” or known as Thailand.

This cat loves to socialize with other cats, dogs, and even children. It very talkative and intelligent, it will talk to you with a very distinctive voice and does not care if anyone wants to listen or not. If you are a sociable person, then the Siamese can be your life-long partner!

3. Havana

Havana is well-known as the puppy-cat since it always follows its owner wherever the owner goes. The size of Havana is medium with a pair of bright green eyes as well as a short, lustrous, brown coat. It originated from England and the results of domestic black cats with Siamese breeding.

If you seek for life-time companion, Havana is probably the best cat’s breeds for you, since it loves human companionship. It has the nature of outgoing, sweet, playful and charming. Havana can never fail to lighten up your mood!

4. Devon Rex

Another cat breeds with short hair are Devon Rex. It often called “purrs-poodle” because of its curly coat. When it’s happy it will wag its tail. The Devin Rex coat varies in color and patterns. It has a face that similar to a pixie, and large eyes full of curiosity.

Seeking for cats that will make you laugh all day? Perhaps this cat’s breed is suitable for you. It has clown-like behaviors and surprisingly sociable with other cats or even dogs. Therefore, Devon Rex can be an amazing family pet.

5. British Shorthair

Originated from England, British Shorthair recognized as one of the British oldest cat breeds. It has medium to large size. For a male cat, it can weigh until 18 pounds and 15 pounds for the female. It has various colors and patterns, but blue (gray) is the most popular color for this breed.

The British Shorthair is one of the cat breeds with short hair which easy to take care of. It is known for its easygoing personality and can get along with children and other cats or dogs. Even though it loves affections, it does not like to be carried and not lap cats.

There are many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. All of these cat breeds are having their unique charm. From this list, which one is your most favorite?