691. List 5 Best Destinations With Budget In Arizona

A vacation is one of the best alternatives to relieve fatigue after a long time of working. With vacation, an energy  that has been drained so far can be fully charged again. And maybe Arizona can be one of the vacation destinations. The following are some of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

Arizona is a country in the United States that is known for having very hot summers and not-so-cold winters. It has some very interesting and different vacation destinations than usual.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Being one of the seven wonders of the world proves that the Grand Canyon National Park deserves to be made as to the best destination with budget in Arizona. Grand Canyon also known as “red rock country”. It has a uniqueness where the canyon is reddish-orange and has various shapes.

It will be enough to spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. More than five million visitors who come to see the magic of the Canyon that lies between Coconico and Yavapai, United States. This holiday will not require much expenditure compared to vacationing in urban areas. So, Grand Canyon National Park can be one of the best destinations with a budget in Arizona.

2. Powell Lake

The next destination is Powell Lake. This lake is located in Utah and Arizona, United States. The lake formed by Glen Canyon flood has become a popular summer tourist destination. This place will surely be a paradise for those who like camping, fishing, waterskiing, boating, and exploring the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Powell lake also has a number of landmarks including the Glen Canyon dam that has kept Powell lake as it is today. There is the biggest natural bridge called the Rainbow Bridge. And there is also the Hite Crossing Bridge which is the only bridge that stretches on Powell Lake. Powell lake is also one of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

3. Antelope Canyon

Still, with a canyon, Arizona has another very famous canyon, Antelope Canyon. This canyon has a very beautiful view formed from the erosion of Navajo hand stone. This lake is located at Page, Coconico County, United States. Pricesely in the Navajo Indian Reservation which is the largest shelter of the Indian Dine tribe.

It would be better to come to this canyon in summer. Because in the rainy season it is feared that there will be flash floods which will certainly endanger anyone’s life. Even so in the summer, the Antelope Canyon will look very beautiful and can be used as one of best destinations with budget in Arizona.

4. Horseshoe Bend

Next up from the destinations with budget in Arizona is Horsesshoe Bend. Located in Page, Arizona, United States. Horseshoe Bend is a horse tread from the Colorado River. This bend is also not far from the canyon dam and Powell Lake.

The uniqueness of the horseshoe-shaped bend is the main attraction of this place. So there are certainly many people who are interested in visiting this place every year.

5. Sedona

The last of the best destinations with budget in Arizona is Sedona. Different from the previous place which is a natural tourist spot, Sedona is a city located between the districts of Coconico and Yavapai.

What’s interesting about this city is an arrangement of red stones that will look very beautiful when exposed to sunlight. More recommended if you come to this city at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the beauty of this city.

Those are some vacation destinations with a budget that can be considered if you want to visit Arizona. All of those places have their own beauty and uniqueness that is a shame if passed up.