Are Marketing And Advertising The Same Thing Like What You Think? 100% No

Some people might think that marketing and advertising are the two same things. Whereas, there are not the same. Marketing focuses on the process of designing, researching, creating and data mining.  However, Advertising is the component of the marketing itself. Therefore, are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course no.

Advertising is making your service or product known while marketing is preparing a service or product. Some important aspects make these two activities different. Here is why advertising and marketing is quite different.

1. Definition

Marketing is a business activity starting with market research to customer satisfaction. Moreover, marketing is something about promoting the product and understand the market conditions. Marketers make systematic planning, control of business activities and implementation.

On the other hand, advertising is all about a way to persuade someone with a persuasive message. This could be giving an identified sponsor or others. Flyering is also one way to make an advertisement.

2. Strategy

There are four phases of the marketing strategy. One of them is products or services. A marketplace brings products and services to meet the customers’ needs. Also, it includes existing or future needs. Other phases are price, place, and promotion. Plus, setting the right price for every product or service is vital.

The marketer decides to give a certain price is not because there are no reasons. Opportunity cost is one way the reason for giving a certain price. Besides, promotion is important because this is why the products or services are known.

There are three phases of advertising such as cognitive, affective and conative. Cognitive means that consumers process the information through advertisement. Furthermore, affective means when consumers like or prefer products or services. Also, conative means that the customers show intending to buy the products or services.

3. Scope

The scope of marketing is broader than advertising. Marketing starts with research to get the target audience and to fulfill the customer’s needs. Moreover, the marketer also gives a solution to the problem. In short, the scope of marketing itself includes everything going into advertising.

Even the scope of advertising is limited, it still has an important role. Advertising includes radio, television, newspaper, brochures, magazines, email, social media and others. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course not especially from the scope.

4. Term

Marketing is a long-term activity because it involves a longer buying cycle. It’s quite different from advertising where it only involves a shorter buying cycle. Therefore, advertising is only for the short-term.

It’s because advertising focuses on promotion only. Whereas, marketing focuses on research and promotion. Researching needs much more time because it’s related to the targeted audience.

5. Aspect

There are six aspects of Marketing. These aspects are marketing strategy, marketing research, digital marketing, corporate sales, branding, and retail marketing. They interact with one another. Therefore, they cannot be separated.

Some aspects of advertising are about the media of advertising itself. Besides, advertisement relates to publication using media such as TV or other printable media.

A brief explanation above reveals that advertising is not like marketing. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? The answer is a big no.