A shorthaired cat breeds are suitable people who want to have a low-maintenance pet. It does not need daily grooming, yet it only needs periodic brushing to keeps its fur healthy. There are so many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. No need to worry, here is the list of shorthaired cat breeds that is right for you!

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian is considered as one of the oldest breeds. It has almond-shaped eyes and a “ticked” coat. It has several shorthaired coat colors and often compared to a mountain lion. There are some debates over the origin of this cat. However, some people believe that originated comes from Ethiopia.

This cat’s breed is smart and has a high level of curiosity. If you are looking for an active cat, this one might be the right for you!

2. Siamese

Siamese is famous for its vibrant blue eyes, and its point coloring. It has large and triangular ears and angular body. The size of this breed is medium with a short and glossy coat. Many people believe that Siamese is originated from “Siam” or known as Thailand.

This cat loves to socialize with other cats, dogs, and even children. It very talkative and intelligent, it will talk to you with a very distinctive voice and does not care if anyone wants to listen or not. If you are a sociable person, then the Siamese can be your life-long partner!

3. Havana

Havana is well-known as the puppy-cat since it always follows its owner wherever the owner goes. The size of Havana is medium with a pair of bright green eyes as well as a short, lustrous, brown coat. It originated from England and the results of domestic black cats with Siamese breeding.

If you seek for life-time companion, Havana is probably the best cat’s breeds for you, since it loves human companionship. It has the nature of outgoing, sweet, playful and charming. Havana can never fail to lighten up your mood!

4. Devon Rex

Another cat breeds with short hair are Devon Rex. It often called “purrs-poodle” because of its curly coat. When it’s happy it will wag its tail. The Devin Rex coat varies in color and patterns. It has a face that similar to a pixie, and large eyes full of curiosity.

Seeking for cats that will make you laugh all day? Perhaps this cat’s breed is suitable for you. It has clown-like behaviors and surprisingly sociable with other cats or even dogs. Therefore, Devon Rex can be an amazing family pet.

5. British Shorthair

Originated from England, British Shorthair recognized as one of the British oldest cat breeds. It has medium to large size. For a male cat, it can weigh until 18 pounds and 15 pounds for the female. It has various colors and patterns, but blue (gray) is the most popular color for this breed.

The British Shorthair is one of the cat breeds with short hair which easy to take care of. It is known for its easygoing personality and can get along with children and other cats or dogs. Even though it loves affections, it does not like to be carried and not lap cats.

There are many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. All of these cat breeds are having their unique charm. From this list, which one is your most favorite?

How to care a kitten not as easy as imagined. Kittens need attention and care every time. If you have just adopted a newborn kitten, you will have a very difficult task. If the kitten is still with its mother, the mother can provide all the needs of her child.

You can help the mother cat by feeding it and leaving the kitten for one week. If the mother cat is not available or cannot take care of the babies, you must take over the mother’s duties, including feeding the kitten, keeping the kitten warm, and even helping the kitten to poop.

1. Consider The Situation

The care you give a newborn kitten depends on, the age of the kitten. Whether the mother cat is still caring for her, and how healthy the kitten is. If you find several kittens separated from their mother, you must provide everything that the mother should provide. Such as food, warmth, and assistance in defecating. Don’t rush into considering the situation you will face before you start caring for the kitten.

  • If you find a kitten that has been left behind or separated from its mother, watch it from a distance, about 10 meters, to see if the kitten returns.
  • If the kitten is in danger, you must do something without waiting for the mother to arrive. For example, you should immediately intervene if the kitten is cold, left in a place that can make it hit or trampled, or be in a place that can make it attacked by dogs.

2. Ask For The Help Of a Veterinarian Or Animal Shelter

Don’t feel that you have to take care of the kittens alone. How to care a kitten is a difficult task and you may not have everything needed to ensure the kitten’s safety. Contact your veterinarian or the nearest animal shelter for help. They might be able to provide a replacement mother to help the kitten get the nutrition it needs or they can also help you feed the kitten using a bottle

3. Provide Food For the Mother Cat If it Still Exists

If the kitten is still with its mother and she takes good care of her kittens. The kitten will be better cared for by its mother. However, you can still help by providing food and shelter for the mother. Just make sure you store food and shelter in different areas because he might not want to accept both.

4. Give Food to Kittens

If the mother cat is absent or cannot care for her kittens, you must prepare and feed the kittens yourself. The type of food you can prepare for the kitten will depend on its age. Be sure to ask the vet about the specific food needs that the kitten has.

  • When the kitten is 1-2 years old, feed him using a bottle every 1-2 hours with a commercial milk replacement formula. Don’t give cow’s milk to kittens because it’s too difficult to digest.
  • When kittens are 3-4 years old, provide formula milk solution and kitten food that has been softened with water in a low container. Feed him 4-6 times a day.
  • When kittens are 6-12 weeks old, reduce formula milk and start feeding the kitten dry food.

Make the experience of how to care a kitten a valuable and enjoyable experience. So that you are not saturated with problems that might arise.  If the care you provide following the above provisions may they become cats independent and hassle-free when they grow up. Contact the nearest veterinarian if there are serious health problems.

puppy obedience training tips

The earlier to introduce them to the basics commands, the better for them as an adult. The use of making your dog obeys the orders more than you imagine. It is not only to make them discipline but also for their defense too. If you feel confused about how to train your puppy, here we share with you the puppy obedience training tips to try.

puppy obedience training tips

When you are successfully training your buddy, they will easily family friendly too. It is the other benefit of getting them trained. The dog won’t have a problem with socializing. Getting them to walk around feels so enjoying. Just follow our puppy obedience training tips below to make your fun moment comes true.

1. Choose Their Name and Be Respect

Start to introduce the training process by understanding “the calling”. It can be started by choosing a name for them. Choose the short name to make it easy. Also, the shorter name, the easier too for your buddy to respond. The dog is one of the most adaptable animals. As long as you show consistency and respect, they will give you positive feedback too. When you get your buddy from a bad abusive past, you need to change their previous name. This way is good for them to recovery.

2. Make the Rules

Training is about obeying the rules. Make some rules for them as your concerns. For example, where they are able to pee and poop, what should they do when you are working, and many more. You can make a specific rule by introducing them to use something. It might be showing them how to use the food bowl or anything. If you set the rules clearly, it creates a habit for them during their growth.

3. Let the Relax

Just like human beings, dogs also need time to relax. The more often you train them, it probably makes them stress. Don’t let them be in this situation. It helps them through the process of fun. Create an intimate moment by playing together, or let them alone just lying on their space. When they are chill, they will be happy to fulfill your orders.

4. Give Them Rewards

Another way to show your respect is by giving them rewards. Sometimes people give favorite foods for their puppy. But some others allow their buddy to do whatever the dog wants, such as rolling on the floor or anything. A reward makes the dog understands about appreciation. Along this process, you might give them a punishment too if they do wrong things or starts breaking something. But don’t be hard for them. Discipline can’t be long last if it delivers with violence.

5. End the Session with Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation always works in every training. It lets your brain know that you have succeeded through the process very well. Say that your buddy is a good dog or any positive affirmations. Treat them like your friend, not an animal. Just believe that even though they are dogs, they have a feeling too.

Those are the puppy obedience training tips you need to try. The five tips above are very basic to start the process. As they get older, you can teach a more complex order. If they are still a puppy, treat them like your baby.

best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting

Just like humans, cats can have sensitive skin and digestion. Usually, this is because of the content of certain foods that enter the body. Cats that have a sensitivity to food sometimes experience diarrhea or vomiting. So, you have to give them the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting.

Surely you cannot bear to see your beloved animal feel uncomfortable due to food sensitivity issues. Therefore, you should pay attention to the type of intake and avoid foods that trigger sensitivity. If your cat’s stomach is easily upset, let’s check out the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting:

1. Nature’s Protection Sensitive Digestion

This product is one of the best cat food for sensitive stomach. It contains 92% animal protein making it easier to digest. The raw material is specially chosen so it will not overload your cat’s stomach and intestines.

This product is the only cat food that contains microzeogen. In addition, microzeogen can help and improve your cat’s health. The content of herbal extract, nutraceuticals, and natural fibers in this product will make your cat’s digestion optimal.

2. Champion Petfoods Orijen

You can choose dry food made from 85% of whole meat and fish. At a minimum, your cat can feel the sensation of eating fresh meat from the wild. Moreover, by using 85% of whole meat, this product becomes one of the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting.

This product is sold in large packaging so it is quite expensive. But, take a look at the bright side. If you have a lot of cats, there is no need to go back and forth to buy cat food.

3. Royal Canine Feline Health Nutrition

Feline health nutrition is perfect for kittens entering their infancy. The formula for this product has balanced nutritional content. In addition, its protein content reaches 80% so it is easily digested by a kitten that is just learning to eat.

Eat this product will increase the natural endurance of kitten. Thus, your cat will grow healthy without nutritional deficiencies and not get sick easily. You can go about your daily routine without worrying about your cat’s growth.

4. Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Feline

Cat digestion is easily disturbed due to various factors such as improper diet, lack of digestive enzymes, or food allergies. This product helps to strengthen digestion and improve fecal quality. These foods are very easy to digest and contain electrolytes, B vitamins, and fiber.

This product can reduce the risk of kidney stones disease often experienced by cats. So, if your cat is having digestive problems, just give this one wet food. Apart from healing, this food can increase the body’s immune system as well.

5. Kit-Cat Premium Cat Canned Food

This wet food does not contain whole grains and is without preservatives or artificial coloring. Contains a balanced pH that can prevent your cat from developing kidney stones and other bladder diseases. The content of omega 3 and omega 6 will nourish the heart, skin, and fur of your cat.

The content of fructooligosaccharides helps your cat to improve digestion. Thus, don’t worry about the health of your beloved cat’s eyes, because this product also contains taurine. Perfect for those of you who want a grain-free wet food product for the cat.

Those are 5 best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting. Always try to see the reaction of your cat after you feed it. So, give a cat food that is suitable for your cat’s health.