How to learn about digital marketing at home

The presence of digital marketing has become an important aspect for any occasion. This is because it is one of the greatest tools to gain interest in the market. According to some experts, 90% nowadays marketing roles come from online marketing. A simple way to acknowledge is by learning. With some of these tips on how to learn about digital marketing at home, people could easily learn about marketing.

How to learn about digital marketing at home

Online marketing is effective to reach the right target audience, to trigger customer conversation and also online sales. For those who are willing to be experts in this field, try to start with studying it at home. Nevertheless, there are several things that people need to know in order to be an effective marketer. To help out, here are some tips on how to learn about digital marketing at home.

1. Get to Know SEO

The first thing to know when learning about digital marketing is knowing the SEO or search engine optimization. This is an important thing to study in online marketing because it could optimize the website and the traffic. People need to know the SEO could often change so they must follow the updates. As an addition, find some SEO starter guide on the internet to increase the knowledge

2. The Social Media

Another tip about how to learn about digital marketing at home is learning about social media. Even though social media looks easy, but it is not. There are a lot of points to study in social media. Starting from the campaign, the engagement, the audiences, and the interest. Join some free online courses to develop more about social media.

3. The Diverse Analytics Tools

Data is also important for a marketer. Moreover, they have to be able to have analytical skills. Learn some various data analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Marketers need not only study about the data but also about the process towards it. For an online course, people could join “SEMRUSH Academy”. There they would learn data reporting tools for online marketing

4. Be Creative with a Content

The next tip on how to learn about digital marketing at home is the content. All the material and tools would be useless with creative content. Create the right content to suit the market. To increase content skills, often practice writing. Not only the basic writing skills but also the analytical skills and copywriting skills. The better the content an online marketer has, the better the engagement they would get.

5. Learn from the Experts

The last tip does not forget to learn from expert marketers. Join some online courses and there would be awesome marketers there to teach and help. They would also deliver the material easier. Nevertheless, marketers could even share some useful tricks that are not available in books.

People now could understand well how to learn about digital marketing at home. Remember to often practice, because marketing is more about practical. Monitor the result from the study, develop it and learn from the mistakes before.


Promotions can be the first thing that brings your product to massive customers. They’re also a lot of ways to do the promo. Here are a few reasons why use influencer to promote your product.

1. They Have Lot Of Fans

The first and the most important reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have a lot of fans. Their social media certainly have thousands or million followers.

Moreover, they followed the influencer willingly. Just because they like or adore them much.

The fans also always keeping up with the influencer’s updates. So anything they post or said the fans will know immediately.

2. Budget-Friendly

Hiring an influencer also a budget-friendly way to reach more new customers. Most of them have a different range price, according to the follower.

The more follower, then higher the price. You can choose whoever the influencer as much as your budget.

3. More Effective

The third reason why use influencers to promote your product is effectiveness. They already have segmented viewers who also interested in the same kind of things.

For example, if you have an organic beauty product, you can find beauty influencers which also interested in organic products. Because they have followers who also interested in organic beauty products too.

Your promotion will be more effective because you get the right segment. The viewers will easier to understand what is the plus things about your product.

4. They Are Creative

The next reason is, they are creative. Influencers sometimes have a team that focused to make a unique product promotion.

The team and the influencer will make an interesting campaign according to what you want to promote. This is why people love them.

The way they make a promotion sometimes different to the tv or radio promotion. They made it depend on their social media style.

For example, if the influencer is using Instagram. They can make a cute photo with your product with a brief review in the caption.

Or making a review video in Instagram story, and post. It all depends on your needs and budget too.

5. They Have Two-Way Communication With Followers

The next positive reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have two-way communications. The follower can reach the influencer through message and comment.

They can give feedback to the influencer about the product. That feedback can be a criticism to you or the influencer.

This differs from the radio or tv commercial break. They just “serve” and offer the product without hearing what people think about the product.

These 5 reasons why use influencers to promote your product is enough to show that hiring an influencer is a good thing to do. Hiring them means not only have a platform to promote, but also getting people’s insight.

Moreover, they can give a wide range of prices according to your budget and needs. You just need to send them a message through their manager.

They will send you the price list. If it is good, then send your product and tell them what the plus things about the product. The last thing is, let them be creative.

Some people might think that marketing and advertising are the two same things. Whereas, there are not the same. Marketing focuses on the process of designing, researching, creating and data mining.  However, Advertising is the component of the marketing itself. Therefore, are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course no.

Advertising is making your service or product known while marketing is preparing a service or product. Some important aspects make these two activities different. Here is why advertising and marketing is quite different.

1. Definition

Marketing is a business activity starting with market research to customer satisfaction. Moreover, marketing is something about promoting the product and understand the market conditions. Marketers make systematic planning, control of business activities and implementation.

On the other hand, advertising is all about a way to persuade someone with a persuasive message. This could be giving an identified sponsor or others. Flyering is also one way to make an advertisement.

2. Strategy

There are four phases of the marketing strategy. One of them is products or services. A marketplace brings products and services to meet the customers’ needs. Also, it includes existing or future needs. Other phases are price, place, and promotion. Plus, setting the right price for every product or service is vital.

The marketer decides to give a certain price is not because there are no reasons. Opportunity cost is one way the reason for giving a certain price. Besides, promotion is important because this is why the products or services are known.

There are three phases of advertising such as cognitive, affective and conative. Cognitive means that consumers process the information through advertisement. Furthermore, affective means when consumers like or prefer products or services. Also, conative means that the customers show intending to buy the products or services.

3. Scope

The scope of marketing is broader than advertising. Marketing starts with research to get the target audience and to fulfill the customer’s needs. Moreover, the marketer also gives a solution to the problem. In short, the scope of marketing itself includes everything going into advertising.

Even the scope of advertising is limited, it still has an important role. Advertising includes radio, television, newspaper, brochures, magazines, email, social media and others. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course not especially from the scope.

4. Term

Marketing is a long-term activity because it involves a longer buying cycle. It’s quite different from advertising where it only involves a shorter buying cycle. Therefore, advertising is only for the short-term.

It’s because advertising focuses on promotion only. Whereas, marketing focuses on research and promotion. Researching needs much more time because it’s related to the targeted audience.

5. Aspect

There are six aspects of Marketing. These aspects are marketing strategy, marketing research, digital marketing, corporate sales, branding, and retail marketing. They interact with one another. Therefore, they cannot be separated.

Some aspects of advertising are about the media of advertising itself. Besides, advertisement relates to publication using media such as TV or other printable media.

A brief explanation above reveals that advertising is not like marketing. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? The answer is a big no.

In the digital era, social media is an effective weapon to target your potential customers. It is like something that can bombardier people in any direction. From their friends, pop up ads, timeline, recommendations, and many more. Thus, traditional or conventional media becomes a second option. As this media is growing and updating is fast-paced, you should read this article carefully. Because we want to share with you how to promote your business on social media.

Remember, using social media is not only about sharing your product. You must include value inside if you want a quality promotion. No spamming, or even worse spreading bad trending. Since promotion strongly relates to your brand, thus be careful in stepping inside this game. Here are the hacks for newbies about how to promote your business on social media:

1. Choose the Right Platform

You know there are lots of social media today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just pieces of popular social media. There are still many kinds of social media out there. Choose the right platform will make your promotion effective. Because each social media has its own user’s characteristics and also different features. Determine which target you want to hot, then decide which channel is the best.

2. Set the Schedule

Knowing that many kinds of social media, you must focus on it. But it doesn’t mean you only use one or two social media. The more you can maximize social media, the wider the opportunity you might get. Thus, making a schedule is important for your promotion activity. Set the schedule based on the content you plan to post. This could be your way to make an integrated marketing program too.

3. Stay Cool

We know that you might be excited about doing promotion through social media. But keep in mind that don’t over-promoting. We have mentioned above that spamming will disturb your followers or circle. Besides setting the schedule, you can also manage the post. For example, three days for the promotional post, two days for articles, and the rest is for a quiz or other activations. This system will be more interesting than just a promotion only.

4. Solve the Problem

The problem is not always a complaint. The unanswered question is also a problem for your customer. Thus, be responsible for every feedback. Say thanks for every compliment that shows your appreciation to them. Do apologize for their inconvenient and give them clarification. Also, answer their questions as fast as you can. If you are easy to reach, you already built a bond with them. This is an empathy way of how to promote your business on social media.

5. Build a Community

You must keep your loyal customers by making a community. Once they love your brand, they will share your post and anything you do happily. They could be a social influencer and this is a benefit for your business. Because you don’t have to pay them but they promote your business. Furthermore, you can ask them to review or give a testimonial about your product or service. As the appreciation, prepare a small unique gimmick.

How to promote your business on social media is about creating engagement, value, and trends too. No matter value for engagement, social issue, or anything. When people are getting more open-minded, product or service is now seen by how far your business contributes to people’s life and environment Once you can pack them into an attractive message, share it through social media.

how to become an affiliate marketing

The marketing world is getting wider. It is not only for the salesman but also for anyone who loves it too. During the time, being a marketer begins one of the passive income methods. One of the ways is affiliate marketing which we will discuss in this article. Actually, there are many ways to make marketing becomes your other pocket. But, as time goes by this method is happening. Thus, you need to know how to become an affiliate marketing that gives you some profit.

how to become an affiliate marketing

Being a successful marketer is not easy. Moreover in affiliate marketing. The more active you are, the more profit you can enjoy later. Once your site is already popular, you are able to sit and count the money. But, before enjoying that situation, there are several steps you should pass. Here are things you are supposed to do about how to become an affiliate marketing in the first step:

1. Make Your Site

Don’t be worry if you are not a programmer or website designer. Building your site is now as easy as making social media. You can start by creating a blog, for example in WordPress. No need for a coding ski to use this CMS. You only require to but the domain and set up the hosting. Then, make content regularly.

2. Choose Your Target

The next step is choosing your target. Focus is the key to every successful marketing program, no matter what it is. Moreover being an affiliate marketing, you cannot target all kinds of people. Build your niche by focusing on what you really passionate about. It is easier than you push creating content you have no knowledge.

3. Do Research

Now your tools are ready. It is time to look for programs and products to promote. Have some time to research in finding the right an affiliate program. There are several points to concern, like kind of the product or merchant, how big the commission, do you want to be associated or not, and other supporting things. Be a little calm is okay to get the right partner.

 4. Product Content

Content is the main thing of being an affiliate marketer. Making an interesting view is not enough. But you have to be good at product understanding too. It is a simple way of how to become an affiliate marketing as a beginner. Besides making a product review, you can also discuss a problem or a certain issue. The more focus and specific your content, the wider the opportunity for your visitors to attract.

5. Direct Your Audience

Improve your visitor by promoting your site through social media or anything else. When you have loyal visitors, you can result in consistent sales too. For further tricks, you might make the e-mail list. Then, use the free e-mail direct marketing to spread the information. If you have a budget, you can invest in paid promotion. But this is only worth it when you have a special budget separated.

As a beginner, you can start to follow our tips above about how to become an affiliate marketing. Those steps are easy to follow and no need special IT skills. You just need to learn a little more.


How To Promote Your Business Locally

In this modern life, everything needs to survive with the modern era including your business locally. The business locally needs to promote and develop in a modern way. There are a lot of modern marketing ways that you can choose to promote your business locally. So, how to promote your business locally and make it bigger?

How To Promote Your Business Locally

You don’t to be worry if you have such as business locally. Even it is still a small business you must keep the spirit to promote it and try to make it bigger. You may have a small business today, but you can have the bigger one in the next day. You just need to know the way how to promote your business locally. Here are the explanations.

1. Use Google as Your Promotion Tool

Google is the big promotion tools that you can use also to promote your business locally. Google will make people found you. They will find, know, and interested in you by looking at your websites, articles about your business, and many others. You can also make online reviews by your customers and make others interested in you.

You also need to put some information about you, to make your customer know you well and know how the way to call you.

2. Joining a Local Group

The other way about how to promote your business locally is by joining a local group. You need to be in communities to promote and make people know you. Joining a local group is a great way to have interaction with other owners. You can ask for the suggestion to them or even just sharing their experiences.

3. Giveaway Time

When you have a business, you don’t need to just promote your product without giving some feedback to them. You can do it by doing a giveaway time for your customers. In the giveaway time, you can show the product of your business locally to them. The customer may need to try first before they try to buy and interested in your product.

You also can use this giveaway time to promote your product to the larger area. You can ask your customers to post your product’s pictures or tag your account. It will make others curious and they will try your product too.

4. Reseller Program

Reseller is the best way for you to promote your business locally. You can ask people to join your business locally and sell more products. It seems like more people doing the promotion, more people can buy your product. You also can help other people to have work and earning money.

All of the mentioned on the local promotion strategies above use the internet as tools. Thus, you must understand well about how to promote your business locally using the internet to develop your business. Because, in this modern era, the internet is the main tool that is used by many people. Thank you for reading this article and hope you enjoy and understand well about the explanation. See you.