5 Countries With Bubonic Plague All Over The World

Countries with bubonic plague

Bubonic plague is a serious bacterial infection that is generally transmitted by fleabites. The current incidence of bubonic plague is around 5,000 patients per year worldwide. In fact, there are several countries with bubonic plague that still exist today.

Countries with bubonic plague

Most cases of bubonic plague occur in developing countries, such as in Africa and Asia. This is because these countries do not have good sanitation systems and have large populations. Here are countries with bubonic plague that mostly from Asia and Africa:

1. Madagascar

In 2018, the bubonic plague occurred in Madagascar with levels that continue to spread and increase. At that time there were 680 outbreak cases and there were 57 deaths due to this outbreak. Madagascar experiences regular bubonic plague with an estimated 400 cases each year.

However, health officials report that from year to year the outbreak began to enter new territory. To prevent this outbreak from spreading to many areas, the government temporarily closed all schools. In addition, the government also forbids its citizens from gathering together so that this epidemic does not spread.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

In this country, the districts that suffer the most cases of bubonic plague are Ituri and HautUele districts. The two districts are in Orientale Province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

However, from the two districts, the district that has cases of bubonic plague every year is the Ituri plateau. The good news is that from year to year, this epidemic is always decreasing in this country.

3. Peru

One of the countries with bubonic plague is Peru. In 2010, the bubonic plague re-emerged in Peru. There are 33 cases of bubonic plague in North Ascope privates. Previously, this outbreak hit Peru in 1994, and there were 35 people who died.

Rats and other rodents, which are found in sugar cane fields, spread the bubonic plague. To anticipate this, the government is spreading insecticides in the area. In addition, the government also smoked houses and ports in the area using special insecticides.

4. China

At the end of 2019, the Chinese government quarantined dozens of people in China due to being infected with the bubonic plague. This outbreak struck China in just one month. This disease starts with someone who kills a rabbit and eats it.

Then, the man turned out to be affected by bubonic plague and was hospitalized. Three days later, health workers diagnosed two people from Xilingol suffering from a pneumonic plague in Beijing. However, at that time the Chinese government could not confirm the relationship between the two cases.

5. Algeria

In 2003, there were 8 cases of bubonic plague in this country. This case became extraordinary after 50 years the country was free from this plague. However, health workers in Algeria have treated them by giving antibiotics.

The Algerian government also took various precautions so that this outbreak did not happen again. In addition, the government also controls sanitation in the country so that it is free from insect and rat contamination.

There are other countries with Bubonic Plague, such as Malawi, India, Zambia, and so on. These countries must be able to prevent the bubonic plague from happening again. For example, they should maintain sanitary hygiene and the environment to be free from rats and insects.