Here Are The Tips on How To Get Rid Of A Cold For Your Holiday

Who wants to get cold? The answer is no one. No one wants to get cold especially in holiday time or other special moments. It will be a bad moment and memory when you get cold in a special moment and your nose becomes wet along the day. But, we cannot predict everything including getting a cold time. Of course, we cannot predict the cold, but we can get rid of a cold faster and increase our confidence. How to get rid of a cold? Here are the tips.

1. Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as the best and easiest way to get rid of cold. When you think that it was a hoax, you are wrong. Vitamin C is the real medicine to get rid of a cold. By consuming vitamin C you can minimize the duration of your cold. You must eat this vitamin at the right dose. Eat the vitamin C amounts of 90 mg for men, and 75 mg for a normal woman (means non-pregnant woman). You may eat this vitamin, but please do not eat vitamin C at a high dose. You should consider about the dose of the vitamin that you eat. It must be the right dose.

2. Delicious Beetroot Juice

You may not familiar with this juice, especially for getting rid of a cold. But a study in 2019 that talks about how to get rid of a cold, says that the beetroot juice can reduce the cold. Beetroot has a high dietary nitrate. Then, the dietary nitrate could help the body to increase the production of nitric oxide in our body and protect our body from respiratory infection such as a cold. Then, when you getting cold, you need to try to drink such a beetroot juice as a treatment.

3.  Drink A Probiotic

We know that probiotic contains good bacteria such as Lactobacillus, L. casei 431. Then, do you know that this bacteria also can help you to get rid of a cold? Actually, it cannot totally make you get rid of a cold. This bacteria from the probiotic drink can reduce the duration of a cold. Then, your cold will heal faster. How can you get the probiotic drink? Actually, you can get it easily. You just need to see on the ingredients of the drink and find the probiotic inside the ingredients.

4. Eat Some Honey

We know together that honey has many benefits for body health. One of the benefit is to rid the cold. You can eat some honey before going to bed. Then, you will have a better sleep throughout the night.

5. Drink A Lot Of Water

When you get cold, people around you will suggest you to drink a lot of water. Yaps, it occurs because water or liquid can help you to get rid of a cold. Moreover, you can drink something warm such a warm tea, warm water, and others. The liquid can make free your congestion and breathable.

To sum up, you should keep your body health from whatever the disease including the cold. The explanation bout how to get rid of a cold will be the best tips for you to be free from cold and also fever. Keep being healthy and happy.