Major With The Highest Employment Rates In Indonesia

major with the highest employment rate

Sometimes, people would work in the different majors that they studied in college or school. And that is a usual thing nowadays. There are a lot of positions that do not determine by the previous major. Instead, it usually needs experience than in their previous study. However, there are still some positions that still pay attention to it. Before applying, know first the major with the highest employment rate in Indonesia.

major with the highest employment rate

From one of the job seeker platforms, more than 100.000 people are looking for a new job each month. From here as well, we could then know the most major with the highest employment rate in Indonesia. Not only from the companies that are looking for but also from the people who apply. Here is the list of the top five positions that people and companies seek the most.

1. Sales

The first highest one in Indonesia is sales. Almost every company would need sales and it definitely does not need only one person. Sales is also a position that any people could apply. That is why it is one of the most wanted position. Another reason why this position is often available is that people are often in a training term and given a target. Once they did not reach the target, the company would replace them with a new person.

2. Customer Service

The next major with the highest employment rate in Indonesia is customer service. Many companies have realized that serving their customer with great customer service is important. That is why companies are enlarging their customer service. Starting from a 24 hours service, a faster response, and a loyalty service. That is why, in the last past years, customer service has become one of the most major in Indonesia.

3. Marketing Communication

Owners and companies wanted their brand and company to become more popular in the market. And that is the job of the marketing communication or also known as marcomms. In some companies, they would also be a social media admin, content creator, and event planner. However, some other companies would hire another person.

4. Administration

The following major with the highest employment rate in Indonesia is Administration. There are many kinds of admins. Starting from human resource, sales admin, marketing admin, FAT, and others. Like sales, mostly being an admin does not need a specific major in the field. Moreover, fresh graduates are also welcome to work as an admin. It is one of the major that any people could quickly learn and work.

5. Finance

Finance is also an important position that most companies would need and use. The finance would arrange many things about calculating and money. Moreover, this major would also set the margin of a company. However, most companies would require experience or an education major for this position.

The most major with the highest employment rate in Indonesia are mostly positions that do not require any specific major. Moreover, some require experience while others do not. Make sure to give the best performance to outstanding than others.