Having acne is suck. It doesn’t only make you look silly, but also it hurts sometimes. Moreover, if you are a woman who is dealing with hormones. Whether in period, stress, or anything. Acne makes everything seems worse. But, however, you can’t prevent its existence. As long as you know the reasons why you get acne, you don’t have to be worried they will come back again.

girl with types of acne on the pink background

Before you get so mad, have you ever known about acne? Acne is one type of bumps from your skin. It appears in many forms, such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or cysts. The hormone is often blamed for why the acne appears. In fact, not every acne in your face is because of it. Thus, we share here the reasons why you get acne due to your activities. So, you can live properly every day and get away from this skin problem:

1. Using Face Scrub

You might think that using scrub is good for your skin. Indeed, it helps to remove dead skin cells, but, don’t use it too often. The more you scrub your skin, the more possible it will be broken. Your skin protection is getting thinner. Our advice is better to combine with a mild formula. It also has chemical exfoliation that cleans your skin too.

2. Dirty Phone Screen

This is one of the surprising reasons why you get acne. Some people don’t really care about their phone screens. They think it is always clean and there is no relation with acne cause. Sadly, your phone screen can be one of the causes. When you use it, the screen sticks to your cheeks. If the screen has dust, then you now know what will happen further.

3. Skipping Shower After Workout

We know that you need a moment to relax after working out. It is okay to stay for minutes. But don’t lay down so long because your skin is having dirt, oil, bacteria, and sweat at the same time. After your body feels okay, just get a shower right away. Also, you can wash your face before start sweating. Remember, avoid using the same towel even though with your friend.

4. Watch Your Diet

If you really sure to look after the cleanliness, then check your diet. It is another reason why acne is coming. There are several foods that can cause acne, for example, spicy food. It contains acidic lycopene that disturbs your skin’s pH levels. The other foods are dairy or gluten. It depends on your skin’s sensitivity because each people have a different reaction.

5. Touching Face

It feels hard holding yourself not to touch the pimples. Well, it is not so recommended to press your acne. That can make it worse because the skin will be breaking out. The bacteria will come, even worse you will see the pus is coming out. Also, reduce the tendency to touch your face or skin after holding the table. You don’t know whether your desk is clean or not.

If you see the acnes are getting worse, you really need to see the doctor. Because acne can also cause the scar that you don’t want to have. Now ask your self about your daily habit. Is everything you do are the reasons why you get acne? Keeping hygiene is important, but pay your habit is also a must thing to do.



Choosing a game application for kids is not easy. You must choose the best game apps for kids to avoid things that can harm your kid. This is because many games contain elements of violence, pornography, or even other criminal behavior.

Therefore, you must be smart in choosing the right game for your kid. Make sure the game has an educational element but it is also fun for your kid to play. The following are recommendations of the best game apps for kids:

1.     Children’s Doctor: Dentist

In this game, the kids will play the role of a dentist. Starting from cleaning dirty teeth to do small operations. This game is suitable for kids who already have a desire to become a dentist. In addition, kids can also learn the importance of caring for teeth.

This is because young kids often avoid when you are told to brush their teeth. With this game, you can educate them in interesting ways. You can download this game for free on the Play Store.

2.     Tayo’s Garage Game

Who is the kid nowadays who does not know the blue bus character named Tayo? In addition to the cartoon series, kids can also play the game version. Through this game, kids can experience being a mechanic, washing cars, refueling, and even driving.

When driving, a kid will also learn the importance of having a driving license. In addition, kids will also be given some knowledge about safety when driving. So, through this game, your kid is not only fun to play but also can learn many things.

3.     Real Cake Maker 3D

The next best game apps for kids is Real Cake Maker 3D. This game is suitable for girls who love to play cooking. Kids will be invited to make various kinds of cakes such as birthday cakes, pancakes, cupcakes, and others.

Unfortunately, you cannot download all the recipes for free. The graphics of this game are also very good and spoil the eyes. This game is suitable for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

4.     Educational Games Memory

If your kid is bored with playing educational games, then this game can be an alternative choice. This game presents games that will practice the ability to remember in kids. This game can also train the concentration and focus on your kid.

Of course, this game is very interesting and exciting for your kid to play. Kids must remember things; look for different pictures, and many other exciting games. This game offers 3 different levels namely easy, medium, and hard.

5.     My Virtual Pet Shop

This kid’s game called My Virtual Pet Shop is suitable for responsible learning. Your kid will learn to care for virtual animals. This game will invite kids to take care of and meet the needs of their pets. Starting from feeding, bathing, and playing with them.

There will be lots of pets in this pet store so it is very fun for your kid to play. Many mini-games available in this game, such as wash the pet, dress up the pet and tap the fleas. Before giving your kid a real pet, you can use this game for simulation.

As a parent, you must be smart in choosing game applications for your kid. You have to know a lot about the best game apps for kids so you don’t choose the wrong game. However, you need to remember that you must keep your kid company while playing games

How to care a kitten not as easy as imagined. Kittens need attention and care every time. If you have just adopted a newborn kitten, you will have a very difficult task. If the kitten is still with its mother, the mother can provide all the needs of her child.

You can help the mother cat by feeding it and leaving the kitten for one week. If the mother cat is not available or cannot take care of the babies, you must take over the mother’s duties, including feeding the kitten, keeping the kitten warm, and even helping the kitten to poop.

1. Consider The Situation

The care you give a newborn kitten depends on, the age of the kitten. Whether the mother cat is still caring for her, and how healthy the kitten is. If you find several kittens separated from their mother, you must provide everything that the mother should provide. Such as food, warmth, and assistance in defecating. Don’t rush into considering the situation you will face before you start caring for the kitten.

  • If you find a kitten that has been left behind or separated from its mother, watch it from a distance, about 10 meters, to see if the kitten returns.
  • If the kitten is in danger, you must do something without waiting for the mother to arrive. For example, you should immediately intervene if the kitten is cold, left in a place that can make it hit or trampled, or be in a place that can make it attacked by dogs.

2. Ask For The Help Of a Veterinarian Or Animal Shelter

Don’t feel that you have to take care of the kittens alone. How to care a kitten is a difficult task and you may not have everything needed to ensure the kitten’s safety. Contact your veterinarian or the nearest animal shelter for help. They might be able to provide a replacement mother to help the kitten get the nutrition it needs or they can also help you feed the kitten using a bottle

3. Provide Food For the Mother Cat If it Still Exists

If the kitten is still with its mother and she takes good care of her kittens. The kitten will be better cared for by its mother. However, you can still help by providing food and shelter for the mother. Just make sure you store food and shelter in different areas because he might not want to accept both.

4. Give Food to Kittens

If the mother cat is absent or cannot care for her kittens, you must prepare and feed the kittens yourself. The type of food you can prepare for the kitten will depend on its age. Be sure to ask the vet about the specific food needs that the kitten has.

  • When the kitten is 1-2 years old, feed him using a bottle every 1-2 hours with a commercial milk replacement formula. Don’t give cow’s milk to kittens because it’s too difficult to digest.
  • When kittens are 3-4 years old, provide formula milk solution and kitten food that has been softened with water in a low container. Feed him 4-6 times a day.
  • When kittens are 6-12 weeks old, reduce formula milk and start feeding the kitten dry food.

Make the experience of how to care a kitten a valuable and enjoyable experience. So that you are not saturated with problems that might arise.  If the care you provide following the above provisions may they become cats independent and hassle-free when they grow up. Contact the nearest veterinarian if there are serious health problems.

In the digital era, social media is an effective weapon to target your potential customers. It is like something that can bombardier people in any direction. From their friends, pop up ads, timeline, recommendations, and many more. Thus, traditional or conventional media becomes a second option. As this media is growing and updating is fast-paced, you should read this article carefully. Because we want to share with you how to promote your business on social media.

Remember, using social media is not only about sharing your product. You must include value inside if you want a quality promotion. No spamming, or even worse spreading bad trending. Since promotion strongly relates to your brand, thus be careful in stepping inside this game. Here are the hacks for newbies about how to promote your business on social media:

1. Choose the Right Platform

You know there are lots of social media today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just pieces of popular social media. There are still many kinds of social media out there. Choose the right platform will make your promotion effective. Because each social media has its own user’s characteristics and also different features. Determine which target you want to hot, then decide which channel is the best.

2. Set the Schedule

Knowing that many kinds of social media, you must focus on it. But it doesn’t mean you only use one or two social media. The more you can maximize social media, the wider the opportunity you might get. Thus, making a schedule is important for your promotion activity. Set the schedule based on the content you plan to post. This could be your way to make an integrated marketing program too.

3. Stay Cool

We know that you might be excited about doing promotion through social media. But keep in mind that don’t over-promoting. We have mentioned above that spamming will disturb your followers or circle. Besides setting the schedule, you can also manage the post. For example, three days for the promotional post, two days for articles, and the rest is for a quiz or other activations. This system will be more interesting than just a promotion only.

4. Solve the Problem

The problem is not always a complaint. The unanswered question is also a problem for your customer. Thus, be responsible for every feedback. Say thanks for every compliment that shows your appreciation to them. Do apologize for their inconvenient and give them clarification. Also, answer their questions as fast as you can. If you are easy to reach, you already built a bond with them. This is an empathy way of how to promote your business on social media.

5. Build a Community

You must keep your loyal customers by making a community. Once they love your brand, they will share your post and anything you do happily. They could be a social influencer and this is a benefit for your business. Because you don’t have to pay them but they promote your business. Furthermore, you can ask them to review or give a testimonial about your product or service. As the appreciation, prepare a small unique gimmick.

How to promote your business on social media is about creating engagement, value, and trends too. No matter value for engagement, social issue, or anything. When people are getting more open-minded, product or service is now seen by how far your business contributes to people’s life and environment Once you can pack them into an attractive message, share it through social media.

The beaches, located in the capital San Juan, are among the most accessible all year round. The beaches in San Juan also offer beautiful views and provide fun for visitors of all ages. Here is a list of the best beach in San Juan.

1 Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is between Old San Juan and Condado. This beach is an ideal destination if you want to visit this neighborhood and because this beach is easy to reach. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, this place is good for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Under another name Bateria del Escambron, this is a beautiful beach to make a family recreation area. Especially with various activities that must be carried out. This beach is the best beach in San Juan

2. Playa Condado

Playa Condado or Condado Beach has a location close to high-class luxury hotels in the Condado area. This is a long beach which a popular name with sun worshipers. Playa Condado is also located in Parque La Ventana al Mar.

A small garden with a dining area and beautiful sea views. The west side of the beach is Playita del Condado suitable for children. Because there has calmer waters.

In addition, Playa Condado is a beach with an iconic natural charm that largely reflects the image of San Juan. There you can do fun water activities such as swimming, diving or surfing.

3. Beaches on Culebra Island

This small island with beautiful beaches and fertile hills has a unique character. About 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of the Caribbean island of Saint Thomas. Culebra is only seven miles long and three miles wide, with 23 islands off its coast.

Coral reefs in this area are considered the best in the entire Caribbean. More than a third of Culebra is designated as the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, includes Cayo Luis Peña, a small island west of Culebra. Here, coves and steep terrain make for some interesting but challenging hiking opportunities.

4. Playa Flamenco

Playa Flamenco, located on the eastern island of Culebra, has a long stretch of sand and clear seawater. This beach also hosts the most amazing masterpieces in all of Puerto Rico. Namely 50s era army tanks decorated with graffiti which is a historical legacy.

The horseshoe shape of Playa Flamenco is the most popular beach on the island and as close as possible to the perfect. The water is clear without surfing, making it a good place for swimming or diving, and its white sand is filled with palm trees.

5. Luquillo

Have a location near the entrance to El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo is also famous for its array of food stalls. With a variety of types ranging from extraordinary fried snacks, fritura, seafood to exotic local food.

To escape easily from the busy beaches of San Juan, Luquillo is an exceptional choice. Luquillo Beach, just a short drive from the city, is a stretch of gold-plated palm sand that offers a fair level of calm. In addition without the buildings and high development around it.

Those are some of the best beach in San Juan. So the beach can be a recommendation for tourist destinations that are worth a visit. If visiting San Juan, don’t forget to visit one of these beaches.

Currency With Highest Values

In your opinion, which currency with highest values in the world today? Some people doubtless that the British pound is the highest value of the currency. However, it turns out that the British Pound is not the highest value of the currency.

Currency With Highest Values

It turns out there is a currency whose value is more awesome than the dollar and pound sterling. Are you curious about what currencies are of high value? This is the review about currency with highest values:

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

The first country to have the highest value currency is Kuwait. You might not expect this but this is the reality. This country is one of the countries that have currency with highest values in the world.

This is because this country is the largest oil exporter and has an influence on its currency. The wealth of this country is increased because of the sale of oil, which can increase the value of the dinar. Starting from the time of use until now, there have been six Kuwait Dinar series published.

2. Bahraini Dinar

This small country has an area almost equal to 3.5 times the size of Washington DC. Bahrain is geographically the center of the countries in the Persian Gulf. Its industry depends a lot on oil production, financial services, and construction.

Furthermore, the value of this country’s currency is predicted to be stable against the dollar. The exchange rate of 1 Bahraini Dinar is equivalent to the US $2.65.

3. Oman Rial

Oman is a country on the east coast of Africa. This country has a very strong currency value against the US dollar. 1 Omani riyal is equivalent to the US $ 2.6. Moreover, with the strong relations between companies there, it looks like the riyal will continue to strengthen against the dollar.

Just like the story of Kuwait and Bahrain, Oman’s main source of wealth is petroleum. Furthermore, the demands of petroleum from this country naturally influences the demand for the Omani Rial.

4. Jordan Dinar

From 1927 to 1950, the Palestine Currency Board published the Palestinian pound as the official currency in Palestine and Jordan. However, after Jordan gained independence in 1946, the country wanted to have its own currency.

From that year onwards, the country’s currency is the Jordanian dinar. Although not a country that depends on oil revenues, Jordan has a stable economy.

5. British Pound Sterling

In the next position is the British Pound as the fifth strongest currency in the world. Currently, 1 pound is equivalent to the US $ 1.26. Furthermore, British Pound Sterling was once the world currency, circulated legally in various countries under the United Kingdom. Sometimes used with the local currency of the country.

Strengthening Pound Sterling occurred after Britain decided to leave the European Union or known as Brexit. Moreover, the circulation of Pounds Sterling is smaller than the circulation of the Dollar.

Now you know about currency with highest values in the world this year. The value of that currency can be above the dollar even the British Pound Sterling. Therefore, the value of the currency is also suitable for those of you who want to invest in currencies.

Top 5 Famous Traditional Markets In The World You Must Visit Someday

If you go abroad, make sure you visit traditional markets. Traditional markets there must be very interesting to visit and have interesting items for you to buy. If you like shopping for good items at affordable prices, you can visit famous traditional markets in the world.

Top 5 Famous Traditional Markets In The World You Must Visit Someday

These traditional markets are very well popular all over the world so you better not miss it. You will see many special items that you do not find anywhere else. Let’s look at the reviews of the following about famous traditional markets in the world:

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thailand is famous for its cheap goods shopping paradise. This is a one-stop open market with a variety of low prices that you can find in Thailand. This market concept is only available on weekends, namely Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Furthermore, this market is a tourist attraction with many thousands of stalls and various kinds of merchandise. You can easily see people selling clothes, accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, furniture, and so on. For those of you who want a culinary tour, this is one of the paradises.

2. Grand Bazaar

This market is the oldest ancient market in Turkey. In addition, this market presents a variety of trinkets and souvenirs typical of Turkey at an affordable price. That is why this market is one of the famous traditional markets in the world.

This market is open from 09.00 until 19.00, except on Sundays and public holidays. Even though this market is old, this is far from the impression of slums and old. This market is memorable exotic and majestic. The corridor is very artistic, flickering light, and the walls are so beautiful.

3. La Boqueria

This market is very interesting and provides an overview of the lives of local residents who are energetic. You can blend in with local life while enjoying Mediterranean food. One thing that makes food in this market delicious is because the sellers use fresh ingredients.

Now, more than 200 stalls are in this market. This market not only sells food, but also fish, meat, seafood, fruit, fresh vegetables, milk, spices, sweets, and so on. If you are a fan of sweets, this market is a paradise for various types of sweets and cakes.

4. Souks of Marrakesh

This traditional market provides many items such as Souq Oudaya. The atmosphere in this market is also really traditional. In addition, the items here are also handicrafts from the local community. You will find a lot of leather, metal, carpet and pottery items.

This market also sells traditional Muslim clothing for those of you who want to hunt for Muslim clothes. Other traditional items that can be your choice of collection to take home are typical Moroccan headgear. If you like decoration, you can also buy Moroccan lanterns.

5. Marche aux Puces de Saint

France is the perfect place to shop for antiques and luxury items. If you travel to Paris, you should consider visiting the flea market. You can feel the sensation of vintage Paris in the flea market.

At the flea market, you can shop for decent products at low prices. Or you can see many antique products that have historical value. Many sellers are closed on Mondays. Therefore, you are better off visiting this market on weekends.

Those are the top famous traditional markets in the world you must visit. You can choose items that you like or country-specific items. Furthermore, you will feel the sensation of shopping that you will not get anywhere else.

5 of The Best Romance Film So Far That You Must Watch

Romantic are films in which there are romantic scenes from a couple in a film. The story is usually very sweet and can make the audience heartless with the romantic scenes. Let’s look at an explanation of some of the best romance film so far that must be watched.

5 of The Best Romance Film So Far That You Must Watch

1. A Star is Born (2018)

One romantic western film that is very popular and famous with the title A Star Is Born. This film is very interesting from the plot and certainly makes many people want to watch it. Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles and Bradley Cooper are Hollywood stars who starred in this film.

That is about the process of how an ordinary star becomes a famous star either as a singer. In addition to the existing romantic story, various existing problems are the contents of this film. That makes the film a star is born the best romance film so far.

2. How To Talk to Girls at Parties (2018)

Some film players who play in the film How to Talk to Girls at Parties are very popular. Like Elle Fanning, Ruth Wilson, Nicole Kidman, and Matt Lucas, who certainly are big stars now.

The story in How to Talk to Girls at Parties is there are 2 men. Who will come to the Queen Boadicea party. Their goal is to get acquainted with many beautiful women.

3. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

The next romantic film is a film that was released in 2014 with the title The Fault in Our Stars. Some of the stars in this film are Ansel Elgort playing the role of Gus Waters. There is also Shailene Woodley playing the character of Hazel Grace Lancaster.

The story presented is Hazel is a woman with cancer. She fell in love with Gus Waters (Ansel Elgort). Hazel had high hopes for Gus. The film earned an income of 307 million dollars. So this film is among the best romance film so far.

4. Forever My Girl (2018)

This film tells about a Liam Page who is a famous country music star. For the sake of his career, Liam Page left his girlfriend, Josie. However, even though Liam Page left Josie, Liam Page still loved his true lover.

Until finally, he will get consequences for leaving Josie, this makes the story in the film is very interesting. Some of the stars in the film Forever My Girl are Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe, Abby Ryder, John Benjamin Hickey. For the director of the film, Forever My Girl is Bethany Ashton Wolf.

5. Yesterday (2019)

Developed from the song of the legendary band The Beatles. The film Yesterday can show the slick romance between the main characters namely Jack Malik and Ellie Appleton.

This film tells how the romantic story that happened to Jack and Ellie after the events they went through. The look in the eyes, the style of speech and of course the Beatles’ music that constantly talks about love.

Yesterday wasn’t just about The Beatles. Beyond the romantic comedy side, this film also tries to explain how the music industry works. The discussion starts from the figure of an agent and manager, Debra Hammer.

The publicists who work determine the image of a star, to how the recording process begins. This film is the best romance film so far.

Those are some of the best romance film so far that must try watching. The romantic story will make it hard for viewers to move on from the storyline of the films.

how to become an affiliate marketing

The marketing world is getting wider. It is not only for the salesman but also for anyone who loves it too. During the time, being a marketer begins one of the passive income methods. One of the ways is affiliate marketing which we will discuss in this article. Actually, there are many ways to make marketing becomes your other pocket. But, as time goes by this method is happening. Thus, you need to know how to become an affiliate marketing that gives you some profit.

how to become an affiliate marketing

Being a successful marketer is not easy. Moreover in affiliate marketing. The more active you are, the more profit you can enjoy later. Once your site is already popular, you are able to sit and count the money. But, before enjoying that situation, there are several steps you should pass. Here are things you are supposed to do about how to become an affiliate marketing in the first step:

1. Make Your Site

Don’t be worry if you are not a programmer or website designer. Building your site is now as easy as making social media. You can start by creating a blog, for example in WordPress. No need for a coding ski to use this CMS. You only require to but the domain and set up the hosting. Then, make content regularly.

2. Choose Your Target

The next step is choosing your target. Focus is the key to every successful marketing program, no matter what it is. Moreover being an affiliate marketing, you cannot target all kinds of people. Build your niche by focusing on what you really passionate about. It is easier than you push creating content you have no knowledge.

3. Do Research

Now your tools are ready. It is time to look for programs and products to promote. Have some time to research in finding the right an affiliate program. There are several points to concern, like kind of the product or merchant, how big the commission, do you want to be associated or not, and other supporting things. Be a little calm is okay to get the right partner.

 4. Product Content

Content is the main thing of being an affiliate marketer. Making an interesting view is not enough. But you have to be good at product understanding too. It is a simple way of how to become an affiliate marketing as a beginner. Besides making a product review, you can also discuss a problem or a certain issue. The more focus and specific your content, the wider the opportunity for your visitors to attract.

5. Direct Your Audience

Improve your visitor by promoting your site through social media or anything else. When you have loyal visitors, you can result in consistent sales too. For further tricks, you might make the e-mail list. Then, use the free e-mail direct marketing to spread the information. If you have a budget, you can invest in paid promotion. But this is only worth it when you have a special budget separated.

As a beginner, you can start to follow our tips above about how to become an affiliate marketing. Those steps are easy to follow and no need special IT skills. You just need to learn a little more.


puppy obedience training tips

The earlier to introduce them to the basics commands, the better for them as an adult. The use of making your dog obeys the orders more than you imagine. It is not only to make them discipline but also for their defense too. If you feel confused about how to train your puppy, here we share with you the puppy obedience training tips to try.

puppy obedience training tips

When you are successfully training your buddy, they will easily family friendly too. It is the other benefit of getting them trained. The dog won’t have a problem with socializing. Getting them to walk around feels so enjoying. Just follow our puppy obedience training tips below to make your fun moment comes true.

1. Choose Their Name and Be Respect

Start to introduce the training process by understanding “the calling”. It can be started by choosing a name for them. Choose the short name to make it easy. Also, the shorter name, the easier too for your buddy to respond. The dog is one of the most adaptable animals. As long as you show consistency and respect, they will give you positive feedback too. When you get your buddy from a bad abusive past, you need to change their previous name. This way is good for them to recovery.

2. Make the Rules

Training is about obeying the rules. Make some rules for them as your concerns. For example, where they are able to pee and poop, what should they do when you are working, and many more. You can make a specific rule by introducing them to use something. It might be showing them how to use the food bowl or anything. If you set the rules clearly, it creates a habit for them during their growth.

3. Let the Relax

Just like human beings, dogs also need time to relax. The more often you train them, it probably makes them stress. Don’t let them be in this situation. It helps them through the process of fun. Create an intimate moment by playing together, or let them alone just lying on their space. When they are chill, they will be happy to fulfill your orders.

4. Give Them Rewards

Another way to show your respect is by giving them rewards. Sometimes people give favorite foods for their puppy. But some others allow their buddy to do whatever the dog wants, such as rolling on the floor or anything. A reward makes the dog understands about appreciation. Along this process, you might give them a punishment too if they do wrong things or starts breaking something. But don’t be hard for them. Discipline can’t be long last if it delivers with violence.

5. End the Session with Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation always works in every training. It lets your brain know that you have succeeded through the process very well. Say that your buddy is a good dog or any positive affirmations. Treat them like your friend, not an animal. Just believe that even though they are dogs, they have a feeling too.

Those are the puppy obedience training tips you need to try. The five tips above are very basic to start the process. As they get older, you can teach a more complex order. If they are still a puppy, treat them like your baby.