Countries with bubonic plague

Bubonic plague is a serious bacterial infection that is generally transmitted by fleabites. The current incidence of bubonic plague is around 5,000 patients per year worldwide. In fact, there are several countries with bubonic plague that still exist today.

Countries with bubonic plague

Most cases of bubonic plague occur in developing countries, such as in Africa and Asia. This is because these countries do not have good sanitation systems and have large populations. Here are countries with bubonic plague that mostly from Asia and Africa:

1. Madagascar

In 2018, the bubonic plague occurred in Madagascar with levels that continue to spread and increase. At that time there were 680 outbreak cases and there were 57 deaths due to this outbreak. Madagascar experiences regular bubonic plague with an estimated 400 cases each year.

However, health officials report that from year to year the outbreak began to enter new territory. To prevent this outbreak from spreading to many areas, the government temporarily closed all schools. In addition, the government also forbids its citizens from gathering together so that this epidemic does not spread.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

In this country, the districts that suffer the most cases of bubonic plague are Ituri and HautUele districts. The two districts are in Orientale Province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

However, from the two districts, the district that has cases of bubonic plague every year is the Ituri plateau. The good news is that from year to year, this epidemic is always decreasing in this country.

3. Peru

One of the countries with bubonic plague is Peru. In 2010, the bubonic plague re-emerged in Peru. There are 33 cases of bubonic plague in North Ascope privates. Previously, this outbreak hit Peru in 1994, and there were 35 people who died.

Rats and other rodents, which are found in sugar cane fields, spread the bubonic plague. To anticipate this, the government is spreading insecticides in the area. In addition, the government also smoked houses and ports in the area using special insecticides.

4. China

At the end of 2019, the Chinese government quarantined dozens of people in China due to being infected with the bubonic plague. This outbreak struck China in just one month. This disease starts with someone who kills a rabbit and eats it.

Then, the man turned out to be affected by bubonic plague and was hospitalized. Three days later, health workers diagnosed two people from Xilingol suffering from a pneumonic plague in Beijing. However, at that time the Chinese government could not confirm the relationship between the two cases.

5. Algeria

In 2003, there were 8 cases of bubonic plague in this country. This case became extraordinary after 50 years the country was free from this plague. However, health workers in Algeria have treated them by giving antibiotics.

The Algerian government also took various precautions so that this outbreak did not happen again. In addition, the government also controls sanitation in the country so that it is free from insect and rat contamination.

There are other countries with Bubonic Plague, such as Malawi, India, Zambia, and so on. These countries must be able to prevent the bubonic plague from happening again. For example, they should maintain sanitary hygiene and the environment to be free from rats and insects.

For you, an entrepreneur, creating an important business profile for you to support your various business activities. Specifically, if you want to spread your business information publicly. However, you must know how to write business profile properly that can attract public attention.

A business profile is a tool to explain various things about business, for example, product excellence, business potential, and so on. In addition, you can make a good business profile as a marketing tool for your business. Let’s know more about how to write business profile in the article below:

1.     Keep Your Business Profile Simple, Clear, and Concise

Explaining company profiles to certain parties will be better if you do it effectively and efficiently. This certainly does not waste too much time but can seize their attention. If your business profile is in text format, make no more than two pages of folio paper.

However, it is even better if the business profile can be presented on one page only. If your business profile is in video format, make it less than 10 minutes. Business profile videos with a long duration will usually cause boredom for the audience.

2.     Use Effective Sentences

Do not create a pleonastic business profile that causes boredom for readers. So, use effective sentences that immediately explain the main points on your business profile. You can erase various things that you don’t need to explain.

Thus, the reader can immediately understand the subject matter that you will convey. Script editors, as well as video editors, have an important role in creating business profiles. They will choose each word and stock a decent image to be presented.

3.     Use Accurate Data

In creating a business profile, you must submit data accurately and guarantee its validity. To increase the trust of all parties who have an interest in your business must do this.

Moreover, if you want to succeed in building communication through a business profile, you must also use accurate data. If there is data that is lacking, it is better not to submit it in your business profile. So, you will not fool the public with insufficient or inappropriate data.

4.     Be Sure to Use The Latest Information

How to write business profile is you have to make sure that you use the latest information about your business. This can help other parties to find out the latest developments about the business.

You can update information on a business profile at least once every 6 months. Or, you can update it if there are fundamental changes to your business. So, how to write business profile is to pay attention to the contents of the company profile with the latest information.

5.     Make a Creative Business Profile

Presenting a good and creative business profile can be one way to improve a business image. The business profile that you create must be able to give a professional impression so that it will be in accordance with business interests.

Of course, a creative business profile will capture more public attention. Then, use visual and verbal language that can increase interest and give a positive impression.

How to write business profile indeed requires special methods. You can try the five methods above to create a business profile that is clear, professional, and also interesting. So, good luck with creating your business profile!

Who wants to get cold? The answer is no one. No one wants to get cold especially in holiday time or other special moments. It will be a bad moment and memory when you get cold in a special moment and your nose becomes wet along the day. But, we cannot predict everything including getting a cold time. Of course, we cannot predict the cold, but we can get rid of a cold faster and increase our confidence. How to get rid of a cold? Here are the tips.

1. Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as the best and easiest way to get rid of cold. When you think that it was a hoax, you are wrong. Vitamin C is the real medicine to get rid of a cold. By consuming vitamin C you can minimize the duration of your cold. You must eat this vitamin at the right dose. Eat the vitamin C amounts of 90 mg for men, and 75 mg for a normal woman (means non-pregnant woman). You may eat this vitamin, but please do not eat vitamin C at a high dose. You should consider about the dose of the vitamin that you eat. It must be the right dose.

2. Delicious Beetroot Juice

You may not familiar with this juice, especially for getting rid of a cold. But a study in 2019 that talks about how to get rid of a cold, says that the beetroot juice can reduce the cold. Beetroot has a high dietary nitrate. Then, the dietary nitrate could help the body to increase the production of nitric oxide in our body and protect our body from respiratory infection such as a cold. Then, when you getting cold, you need to try to drink such a beetroot juice as a treatment.

3.  Drink A Probiotic

We know that probiotic contains good bacteria such as Lactobacillus, L. casei 431. Then, do you know that this bacteria also can help you to get rid of a cold? Actually, it cannot totally make you get rid of a cold. This bacteria from the probiotic drink can reduce the duration of a cold. Then, your cold will heal faster. How can you get the probiotic drink? Actually, you can get it easily. You just need to see on the ingredients of the drink and find the probiotic inside the ingredients.

4. Eat Some Honey

We know together that honey has many benefits for body health. One of the benefit is to rid the cold. You can eat some honey before going to bed. Then, you will have a better sleep throughout the night.

5. Drink A Lot Of Water

When you get cold, people around you will suggest you to drink a lot of water. Yaps, it occurs because water or liquid can help you to get rid of a cold. Moreover, you can drink something warm such a warm tea, warm water, and others. The liquid can make free your congestion and breathable.

To sum up, you should keep your body health from whatever the disease including the cold. The explanation bout how to get rid of a cold will be the best tips for you to be free from cold and also fever. Keep being healthy and happy.


Promotions can be the first thing that brings your product to massive customers. They’re also a lot of ways to do the promo. Here are a few reasons why use influencer to promote your product.

1. They Have Lot Of Fans

The first and the most important reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have a lot of fans. Their social media certainly have thousands or million followers.

Moreover, they followed the influencer willingly. Just because they like or adore them much.

The fans also always keeping up with the influencer’s updates. So anything they post or said the fans will know immediately.

2. Budget-Friendly

Hiring an influencer also a budget-friendly way to reach more new customers. Most of them have a different range price, according to the follower.

The more follower, then higher the price. You can choose whoever the influencer as much as your budget.

3. More Effective

The third reason why use influencers to promote your product is effectiveness. They already have segmented viewers who also interested in the same kind of things.

For example, if you have an organic beauty product, you can find beauty influencers which also interested in organic products. Because they have followers who also interested in organic beauty products too.

Your promotion will be more effective because you get the right segment. The viewers will easier to understand what is the plus things about your product.

4. They Are Creative

The next reason is, they are creative. Influencers sometimes have a team that focused to make a unique product promotion.

The team and the influencer will make an interesting campaign according to what you want to promote. This is why people love them.

The way they make a promotion sometimes different to the tv or radio promotion. They made it depend on their social media style.

For example, if the influencer is using Instagram. They can make a cute photo with your product with a brief review in the caption.

Or making a review video in Instagram story, and post. It all depends on your needs and budget too.

5. They Have Two-Way Communication With Followers

The next positive reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have two-way communications. The follower can reach the influencer through message and comment.

They can give feedback to the influencer about the product. That feedback can be a criticism to you or the influencer.

This differs from the radio or tv commercial break. They just “serve” and offer the product without hearing what people think about the product.

These 5 reasons why use influencers to promote your product is enough to show that hiring an influencer is a good thing to do. Hiring them means not only have a platform to promote, but also getting people’s insight.

Moreover, they can give a wide range of prices according to your budget and needs. You just need to send them a message through their manager.

They will send you the price list. If it is good, then send your product and tell them what the plus things about the product. The last thing is, let them be creative.

Some people might think that marketing and advertising are the two same things. Whereas, there are not the same. Marketing focuses on the process of designing, researching, creating and data mining.  However, Advertising is the component of the marketing itself. Therefore, are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course no.

Advertising is making your service or product known while marketing is preparing a service or product. Some important aspects make these two activities different. Here is why advertising and marketing is quite different.

1. Definition

Marketing is a business activity starting with market research to customer satisfaction. Moreover, marketing is something about promoting the product and understand the market conditions. Marketers make systematic planning, control of business activities and implementation.

On the other hand, advertising is all about a way to persuade someone with a persuasive message. This could be giving an identified sponsor or others. Flyering is also one way to make an advertisement.

2. Strategy

There are four phases of the marketing strategy. One of them is products or services. A marketplace brings products and services to meet the customers’ needs. Also, it includes existing or future needs. Other phases are price, place, and promotion. Plus, setting the right price for every product or service is vital.

The marketer decides to give a certain price is not because there are no reasons. Opportunity cost is one way the reason for giving a certain price. Besides, promotion is important because this is why the products or services are known.

There are three phases of advertising such as cognitive, affective and conative. Cognitive means that consumers process the information through advertisement. Furthermore, affective means when consumers like or prefer products or services. Also, conative means that the customers show intending to buy the products or services.

3. Scope

The scope of marketing is broader than advertising. Marketing starts with research to get the target audience and to fulfill the customer’s needs. Moreover, the marketer also gives a solution to the problem. In short, the scope of marketing itself includes everything going into advertising.

Even the scope of advertising is limited, it still has an important role. Advertising includes radio, television, newspaper, brochures, magazines, email, social media and others. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? Of course not especially from the scope.

4. Term

Marketing is a long-term activity because it involves a longer buying cycle. It’s quite different from advertising where it only involves a shorter buying cycle. Therefore, advertising is only for the short-term.

It’s because advertising focuses on promotion only. Whereas, marketing focuses on research and promotion. Researching needs much more time because it’s related to the targeted audience.

5. Aspect

There are six aspects of Marketing. These aspects are marketing strategy, marketing research, digital marketing, corporate sales, branding, and retail marketing. They interact with one another. Therefore, they cannot be separated.

Some aspects of advertising are about the media of advertising itself. Besides, advertisement relates to publication using media such as TV or other printable media.

A brief explanation above reveals that advertising is not like marketing. Are marketing and advertising the same thing like what you think? The answer is a big no.

In modern times people are already familiar with email. Not just to ask news with family or friends both at home and abroad. But email has been used to send task files or for business. Business email with regular email will certainly be different. The following will be discussed what is email business etiquette that must be considered.

1. Pay Attention To The Subject Of Shipping

The first thing a person sees from an email is the subject of the email. Email senders must pay attention to the purpose or topic of the email to be written in the subject. Write the subject with relevant words or sentences.

Especially for business emails, the subject must be written according to the purpose or topic and use the appropriate sentence. So, paying attention to the subject of shipping is one part of what is email business etiquette that must be considered.

2. Use An Official Email Address

To do a business, of course, the most important thing is seriousness. When sending a business email, use an official email address. It is intended that other people believe in the business that the business is run.

In addition, this will avoid recipients of suspicion of fraudulent e-mail contents and increase trust to establish the business. Sending an email using an official email address will give a polite impression to the recipient of the email.

3. Use Good Opening And Closing Sentences

Using a good opening and closing is one part of what is email business etiquette that must be considered. Creating a viable business email opening and closing adds confidence to the recipient of the email. By practicing this, the recipient of the email will be stimulated to provide confidence in the business offered through the email.

For example, greeting words that will be applied to the opening of an email is with the phases “good morning”, “good afternoon” or “good evening”. The choice of phrases will be better used than the greeting “hi” or “hello”.

4. Use The Introductory Sentence

The introduction can also be in the form of introducing yourself and telling the background of sending the business e-mail. That way the recipient of the email will know who invited him to do business.

Using the good introductory sentence is also one part of what is email business etiquette that must be considered. A good email, especially for formal emails such as business emails will give priority to the background or purpose of sending the email. Developed countries like America and China have adopted this pattern.

5. Learn the Culture of Every Company

Before sending a business email, it is better to first learn the company culture that will be invited to work together. Because every company must have a standard that is preferred or not.
For example, a Japanese company that likes polite and proper e-mail, or a US company that only accepts firm or unobtrusive e-mail.

Some companies usually use a machine that will automatically block emails that are considered spam. This will certainly have an important effect because it could be that the email sent is categorized as spam, and will never be read by the company.

That’s five parts of what is email business etiquette that must be considered. If those five things are applied when sending a business email, it is certain that the email sent will get a good response.

Planning is a component that must be present in every activity or activity. Because planning can determine the outcome, some targets must be achieved. To assess the success of an activity. How about what is strategy planning framework in the company? Following explanation.

Definition of Strategy Planning Framework

The strategy planning framework is the concept of management activities that useful to managed priorities focus energy and resources. The strategy planning framework also ensures that employees and other stakeholders work towards shared goals.


And establish agreement on desired outcomes, and adjust the organization’s direction when changes occur. This is a disciplined effort that results in actions to shape the organization to know what the organization does. And also why it should do it. But also how it will know if it will continue to succeed.

A strategy planning framework is also a process of selecting organizational goals, determining the strategies, policies, programs, and strategies needed for those goals. The results of the strategic planning process in the form of a document called a strategic plan that contains information about the programs for several years to come.

The concept of a Strategy Planning Framework

Strategy planning related to the future. A planning process will inevitably involve varying degrees of failure. Some parts of the organization need planning for years to come, but for other divisions, it requires planning for only a short time.

It can also be defined as the process of determining organizational goals and resources. That will be used to handle organizational goals, regulate the acquisition, utilization, and disposition of resources. For example, for most organizations, the strategic planning period ranges from three to five years.

The Process

Strategy planning does not recognize standard standards, and the process has unlimited variation. Each application needs to design its variations according to local needs, situations, and conditions. Nevertheless, in general, the strategy planning process contains elements:

1 Mission and Purpose Determination

Strategy planning starts with determining the mission of the organization. The main objectives of the organization that have been set must be clearly defined. Strategy planning deals with the organization’s long-term relationship with its external environment.

2 Assessment of External and Internal Environment

To identify opportunities and threats, and analysis of the organization’s external environment needs to be done. Note the important factors that might affect the organization’s activities going forward.

In addition, the Company can take advantage of external opportunities by concentrating on its internal capacity. By adjusting its strengths to opportunities, companies can face competition and achieve growth.

3 Decision-making

Strategic decisions are then made and evaluated. After that, strategic decisions are made it to improve operational performance. Organizations must choose the option that best suits their abilities.

4 Strategy Implementation and Control

After a strategy is determined, it must translate it into an operational plan. Programs and budgets are developed for each function. Short-term operational plans are prepared to use resources efficiently. Controls must be developed to evaluate performance as a strategy that comes into use.

Those are some things about what a strategy planning framework is. This must be famous to all company members. So that the company has a plan so that it will produce maximum results.

A vacation is one of the best alternatives to relieve fatigue after a long time of working. With vacation, an energy  that has been drained so far can be fully charged again. And maybe Arizona can be one of the vacation destinations. The following are some of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

Arizona is a country in the United States that is known for having very hot summers and not-so-cold winters. It has some very interesting and different vacation destinations than usual.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Being one of the seven wonders of the world proves that the Grand Canyon National Park deserves to be made as to the best destination with budget in Arizona. Grand Canyon also known as “red rock country”. It has a uniqueness where the canyon is reddish-orange and has various shapes.

It will be enough to spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. More than five million visitors who come to see the magic of the Canyon that lies between Coconico and Yavapai, United States. This holiday will not require much expenditure compared to vacationing in urban areas. So, Grand Canyon National Park can be one of the best destinations with a budget in Arizona.

2. Powell Lake

The next destination is Powell Lake. This lake is located in Utah and Arizona, United States. The lake formed by Glen Canyon flood has become a popular summer tourist destination. This place will surely be a paradise for those who like camping, fishing, waterskiing, boating, and exploring the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Powell lake also has a number of landmarks including the Glen Canyon dam that has kept Powell lake as it is today. There is the biggest natural bridge called the Rainbow Bridge. And there is also the Hite Crossing Bridge which is the only bridge that stretches on Powell Lake. Powell lake is also one of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

3. Antelope Canyon

Still, with a canyon, Arizona has another very famous canyon, Antelope Canyon. This canyon has a very beautiful view formed from the erosion of Navajo hand stone. This lake is located at Page, Coconico County, United States. Pricesely in the Navajo Indian Reservation which is the largest shelter of the Indian Dine tribe.

It would be better to come to this canyon in summer. Because in the rainy season it is feared that there will be flash floods which will certainly endanger anyone’s life. Even so in the summer, the Antelope Canyon will look very beautiful and can be used as one of best destinations with budget in Arizona.

4. Horseshoe Bend

Next up from the destinations with budget in Arizona is Horsesshoe Bend. Located in Page, Arizona, United States. Horseshoe Bend is a horse tread from the Colorado River. This bend is also not far from the canyon dam and Powell Lake.

The uniqueness of the horseshoe-shaped bend is the main attraction of this place. So there are certainly many people who are interested in visiting this place every year.

5. Sedona

The last of the best destinations with budget in Arizona is Sedona. Different from the previous place which is a natural tourist spot, Sedona is a city located between the districts of Coconico and Yavapai.

What’s interesting about this city is an arrangement of red stones that will look very beautiful when exposed to sunlight. More recommended if you come to this city at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the beauty of this city.

Those are some vacation destinations with a budget that can be considered if you want to visit Arizona. All of those places have their own beauty and uniqueness that is a shame if passed up.


A shorthaired cat breeds are suitable people who want to have a low-maintenance pet. It does not need daily grooming, yet it only needs periodic brushing to keeps its fur healthy. There are so many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. No need to worry, here is the list of shorthaired cat breeds that is right for you!

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian is considered as one of the oldest breeds. It has almond-shaped eyes and a “ticked” coat. It has several shorthaired coat colors and often compared to a mountain lion. There are some debates over the origin of this cat. However, some people believe that originated comes from Ethiopia.

This cat’s breed is smart and has a high level of curiosity. If you are looking for an active cat, this one might be the right for you!

2. Siamese

Siamese is famous for its vibrant blue eyes, and its point coloring. It has large and triangular ears and angular body. The size of this breed is medium with a short and glossy coat. Many people believe that Siamese is originated from “Siam” or known as Thailand.

This cat loves to socialize with other cats, dogs, and even children. It very talkative and intelligent, it will talk to you with a very distinctive voice and does not care if anyone wants to listen or not. If you are a sociable person, then the Siamese can be your life-long partner!

3. Havana

Havana is well-known as the puppy-cat since it always follows its owner wherever the owner goes. The size of Havana is medium with a pair of bright green eyes as well as a short, lustrous, brown coat. It originated from England and the results of domestic black cats with Siamese breeding.

If you seek for life-time companion, Havana is probably the best cat’s breeds for you, since it loves human companionship. It has the nature of outgoing, sweet, playful and charming. Havana can never fail to lighten up your mood!

4. Devon Rex

Another cat breeds with short hair are Devon Rex. It often called “purrs-poodle” because of its curly coat. When it’s happy it will wag its tail. The Devin Rex coat varies in color and patterns. It has a face that similar to a pixie, and large eyes full of curiosity.

Seeking for cats that will make you laugh all day? Perhaps this cat’s breed is suitable for you. It has clown-like behaviors and surprisingly sociable with other cats or even dogs. Therefore, Devon Rex can be an amazing family pet.

5. British Shorthair

Originated from England, British Shorthair recognized as one of the British oldest cat breeds. It has medium to large size. For a male cat, it can weigh until 18 pounds and 15 pounds for the female. It has various colors and patterns, but blue (gray) is the most popular color for this breed.

The British Shorthair is one of the cat breeds with short hair which easy to take care of. It is known for its easygoing personality and can get along with children and other cats or dogs. Even though it loves affections, it does not like to be carried and not lap cats.

There are many cat breeds with short hair that you can choose. All of these cat breeds are having their unique charm. From this list, which one is your most favorite?

Having acne is suck. It doesn’t only make you look silly, but also it hurts sometimes. Moreover, if you are a woman who is dealing with hormones. Whether in period, stress, or anything. Acne makes everything seems worse. But, however, you can’t prevent its existence. As long as you know the reasons why you get acne, you don’t have to be worried they will come back again.

girl with types of acne on the pink background

Before you get so mad, have you ever known about acne? Acne is one type of bumps from your skin. It appears in many forms, such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or cysts. The hormone is often blamed for why the acne appears. In fact, not every acne in your face is because of it. Thus, we share here the reasons why you get acne due to your activities. So, you can live properly every day and get away from this skin problem:

1. Using Face Scrub

You might think that using scrub is good for your skin. Indeed, it helps to remove dead skin cells, but, don’t use it too often. The more you scrub your skin, the more possible it will be broken. Your skin protection is getting thinner. Our advice is better to combine with a mild formula. It also has chemical exfoliation that cleans your skin too.

2. Dirty Phone Screen

This is one of the surprising reasons why you get acne. Some people don’t really care about their phone screens. They think it is always clean and there is no relation with acne cause. Sadly, your phone screen can be one of the causes. When you use it, the screen sticks to your cheeks. If the screen has dust, then you now know what will happen further.

3. Skipping Shower After Workout

We know that you need a moment to relax after working out. It is okay to stay for minutes. But don’t lay down so long because your skin is having dirt, oil, bacteria, and sweat at the same time. After your body feels okay, just get a shower right away. Also, you can wash your face before start sweating. Remember, avoid using the same towel even though with your friend.

4. Watch Your Diet

If you really sure to look after the cleanliness, then check your diet. It is another reason why acne is coming. There are several foods that can cause acne, for example, spicy food. It contains acidic lycopene that disturbs your skin’s pH levels. The other foods are dairy or gluten. It depends on your skin’s sensitivity because each people have a different reaction.

5. Touching Face

It feels hard holding yourself not to touch the pimples. Well, it is not so recommended to press your acne. That can make it worse because the skin will be breaking out. The bacteria will come, even worse you will see the pus is coming out. Also, reduce the tendency to touch your face or skin after holding the table. You don’t know whether your desk is clean or not.

If you see the acnes are getting worse, you really need to see the doctor. Because acne can also cause the scar that you don’t want to have. Now ask your self about your daily habit. Is everything you do are the reasons why you get acne? Keeping hygiene is important, but pay your habit is also a must thing to do.