5 Best Puppy Obedience Training Tips For Basic Commands

puppy obedience training tips

The earlier to introduce them to the basics commands, the better for them as an adult. The use of making your dog obeys the orders more than you imagine. It is not only to make them discipline but also for their defense too. If you feel confused about how to train your puppy, here we share with you the puppy obedience training tips to try.

puppy obedience training tips

When you are successfully training your buddy, they will easily family friendly too. It is the other benefit of getting them trained. The dog won’t have a problem with socializing. Getting them to walk around feels so enjoying. Just follow our puppy obedience training tips below to make your fun moment comes true.

1. Choose Their Name and Be Respect

Start to introduce the training process by understanding “the calling”. It can be started by choosing a name for them. Choose the short name to make it easy. Also, the shorter name, the easier too for your buddy to respond. The dog is one of the most adaptable animals. As long as you show consistency and respect, they will give you positive feedback too. When you get your buddy from a bad abusive past, you need to change their previous name. This way is good for them to recovery.

2. Make the Rules

Training is about obeying the rules. Make some rules for them as your concerns. For example, where they are able to pee and poop, what should they do when you are working, and many more. You can make a specific rule by introducing them to use something. It might be showing them how to use the food bowl or anything. If you set the rules clearly, it creates a habit for them during their growth.

3. Let the Relax

Just like human beings, dogs also need time to relax. The more often you train them, it probably makes them stress. Don’t let them be in this situation. It helps them through the process of fun. Create an intimate moment by playing together, or let them alone just lying on their space. When they are chill, they will be happy to fulfill your orders.

4. Give Them Rewards

Another way to show your respect is by giving them rewards. Sometimes people give favorite foods for their puppy. But some others allow their buddy to do whatever the dog wants, such as rolling on the floor or anything. A reward makes the dog understands about appreciation. Along this process, you might give them a punishment too if they do wrong things or starts breaking something. But don’t be hard for them. Discipline can’t be long last if it delivers with violence.

5. End the Session with Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation always works in every training. It lets your brain know that you have succeeded through the process very well. Say that your buddy is a good dog or any positive affirmations. Treat them like your friend, not an animal. Just believe that even though they are dogs, they have a feeling too.

Those are the puppy obedience training tips you need to try. The five tips above are very basic to start the process. As they get older, you can teach a more complex order. If they are still a puppy, treat them like your baby.