Here Are Reasons Why You Have To Visit Kyoto

reasons why you have to visit kyoto

reasons why you have to visit kyoto

Kyoto, a city in Japan that is full of historical and cultural places. It was one of the capital city of Japan until it was moved to Tokyo. Kyoto is not like other cities in Japan, it is different and unique. This is one of the many reasons why you have to visit Kyoto.

Now, what is so interesting in Kyoto that makes you must visit it? Well, firstly all the cities in Japan are interesting. However, if tourists are curious about Japan’s culture, then Kyoto is the answer. Other than historical places, Kyoto has many destinations and attractions that will make you choose to visit Kyoto.

Visiting Japan without coming to Kyoto is just not complete. If you are planning to go to Japan, spare 3-4 days of the holiday to come and see the beautiful side of this City. Why? Well, these are some reasons why you have to visit Kyoto!

1. Full of Historical Places and Beautiful Scenery

There are many temples and historical places in Kyoto. It is admitted as the world’s heritage sites. One of the famous temples is Kiyomizu Dera Temple. This temple is in Higashiyama District. Despite the exhausting track, the scenery of the hill on top is worth it all. On the top, visitors will able to see colorful shrines in Kyoto. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this moment!

2.  Food and Drinks

The holiday is just not complete without culinary. When visiting Kyoto, don’t forget to try the sake and foods too. A traditional food that visitors can try when in Kyoto is Kyo Kaiseki. This is not a single dish. However, it is a collection of food compiled together. At first sight, the food will look quite interesting and unique. For those who like in Japan food would sure love the taste of this food. Kaiseki is available in a most traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

3. Affordable Budget

Japan is known for its expensive costs. However, compared to Tokyo, Kyoto is much cheaper. The food and hotels in Kyoto are more affordable for both personal or family trips. There are quite enough options of hotels from budget hotels to mid-range hotels. As for the foods, you can eat in many traditional restaurants available in Kyoto. 

4.  Easy Transportation

Kyoto is not a big city. Therefore, it is quite easy to move from one place to another. There is also public transportation such as bus, taxi, and trains if you’re for a far distance. If you are planning to just scroll around Kyoto, then you can ride a bike. There are many bike rentals available.

So, are you still curious about the reasons why you have to visit Kyoto? From all the explanations, Kyoto is a very friendly destination. Whether you are planning to visit personally or with your family, Kyoto is still recommended. The weather is also very nice, not too hot but not cold either. Therefore, you can come and visit the city at any time of the year.