The 5 Best Game Apps For Kids to Keep Your Kids Happy

Choosing a game application for kids is not easy. You must choose the best game apps for kids to avoid things that can harm your kid. This is because many games contain elements of violence, pornography, or even other criminal behavior.

Therefore, you must be smart in choosing the right game for your kid. Make sure the game has an educational element but it is also fun for your kid to play. The following are recommendations of the best game apps for kids:

1.     Children’s Doctor: Dentist

In this game, the kids will play the role of a dentist. Starting from cleaning dirty teeth to do small operations. This game is suitable for kids who already have a desire to become a dentist. In addition, kids can also learn the importance of caring for teeth.

This is because young kids often avoid when you are told to brush their teeth. With this game, you can educate them in interesting ways. You can download this game for free on the Play Store.

2.     Tayo’s Garage Game

Who is the kid nowadays who does not know the blue bus character named Tayo? In addition to the cartoon series, kids can also play the game version. Through this game, kids can experience being a mechanic, washing cars, refueling, and even driving.

When driving, a kid will also learn the importance of having a driving license. In addition, kids will also be given some knowledge about safety when driving. So, through this game, your kid is not only fun to play but also can learn many things.

3.     Real Cake Maker 3D

The next best game apps for kids is Real Cake Maker 3D. This game is suitable for girls who love to play cooking. Kids will be invited to make various kinds of cakes such as birthday cakes, pancakes, cupcakes, and others.

Unfortunately, you cannot download all the recipes for free. The graphics of this game are also very good and spoil the eyes. This game is suitable for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

4.     Educational Games Memory

If your kid is bored with playing educational games, then this game can be an alternative choice. This game presents games that will practice the ability to remember in kids. This game can also train the concentration and focus on your kid.

Of course, this game is very interesting and exciting for your kid to play. Kids must remember things; look for different pictures, and many other exciting games. This game offers 3 different levels namely easy, medium, and hard.

5.     My Virtual Pet Shop

This kid’s game called My Virtual Pet Shop is suitable for responsible learning. Your kid will learn to care for virtual animals. This game will invite kids to take care of and meet the needs of their pets. Starting from feeding, bathing, and playing with them.

There will be lots of pets in this pet store so it is very fun for your kid to play. Many mini-games available in this game, such as wash the pet, dress up the pet and tap the fleas. Before giving your kid a real pet, you can use this game for simulation.

As a parent, you must be smart in choosing game applications for your kid. You have to know a lot about the best game apps for kids so you don’t choose the wrong game. However, you need to remember that you must keep your kid company while playing games