What is Strategy Planning Framework? Meaning, Concept and Process

Planning is a component that must be present in every activity or activity. Because planning can determine the outcome, some targets must be achieved. To assess the success of an activity. How about what is strategy planning framework in the company? Following explanation.

Definition of Strategy Planning Framework

The strategy planning framework is the concept of management activities that useful to managed priorities focus energy and resources. The strategy planning framework also ensures that employees and other stakeholders work towards shared goals.


And establish agreement on desired outcomes, and adjust the organization’s direction when changes occur. This is a disciplined effort that results in actions to shape the organization to know what the organization does. And also why it should do it. But also how it will know if it will continue to succeed.

A strategy planning framework is also a process of selecting organizational goals, determining the strategies, policies, programs, and strategies needed for those goals. The results of the strategic planning process in the form of a document called a strategic plan that contains information about the programs for several years to come.

The concept of a Strategy Planning Framework

Strategy planning related to the future. A planning process will inevitably involve varying degrees of failure. Some parts of the organization need planning for years to come, but for other divisions, it requires planning for only a short time.

It can also be defined as the process of determining organizational goals and resources. That will be used to handle organizational goals, regulate the acquisition, utilization, and disposition of resources. For example, for most organizations, the strategic planning period ranges from three to five years.

The Process

Strategy planning does not recognize standard standards, and the process has unlimited variation. Each application needs to design its variations according to local needs, situations, and conditions. Nevertheless, in general, the strategy planning process contains elements:

1 Mission and Purpose Determination

Strategy planning starts with determining the mission of the organization. The main objectives of the organization that have been set must be clearly defined. Strategy planning deals with the organization’s long-term relationship with its external environment.

2 Assessment of External and Internal Environment

To identify opportunities and threats, and analysis of the organization’s external environment needs to be done. Note the important factors that might affect the organization’s activities going forward.

In addition, the Company can take advantage of external opportunities by concentrating on its internal capacity. By adjusting its strengths to opportunities, companies can face competition and achieve growth.

3 Decision-making

Strategic decisions are then made and evaluated. After that, strategic decisions are made it to improve operational performance. Organizations must choose the option that best suits their abilities.

4 Strategy Implementation and Control

After a strategy is determined, it must translate it into an operational plan. Programs and budgets are developed for each function. Short-term operational plans are prepared to use resources efficiently. Controls must be developed to evaluate performance as a strategy that comes into use.

Those are some things about what a strategy planning framework is. This must be famous to all company members. So that the company has a plan so that it will produce maximum results.