5 Interesting Things On What To Do In Ghent You Shouldn’t Miss

What to do in ghent

Talking about the beautiful places, we may find many beautiful places more than we never think before, including Ghent. Wondering about the beautiful side of Ghent, we may wonder more about what to do in Ghent. Thus, if you are interested in knowing about Ghent, we will show you what you can do in Ghent.

1. Visiting Gravensteen

There are many beautiful places that we can spend our special momenta as long as in Ghent. One of the places is Gravensteen in Ghent. If you ever think about a fairytale castle where the prince and princess alive, you will see the real castle in Ghent. Gravensteen is a castle of counts in Dutch.

This place is incredibly beautiful with great architecture. You will be surprised by looking at this building. Besides, today the Gravensteen changes into a museum of the judicial objects. You can see many collections of weapons. Thus, the first thing you should put on the list of what to do in Ghent is visiting this beautiful place.

2. Visiting St Michael’s Bridge

Perhaps, you want to see another beautiful architecture place in Ghent, you may try to visit St Michael’s Bridge. This place is the bridge that is located surround the architecture building. From this bridge, you will get a beautiful angle by seeing the Medieval tower of Ghent, the Belfry of Ghent, and also St Bavo’s Cathedral. This bridge will be the best place for taking a great picture.

3. Visiting St Bavo’s Cathedral

After visiting St Michael’s bridge, you may visit St Bavo’s Cathedral which is located nearby. This cathedral is the icon of Ghent since the 11th century. St Bavo’s cathedral has a horror side because it says that Charles v was baptized in this place. However, the horror story cannot break the interesting side of this place. People still interested in this place and come to see.

4. Visiting St Bavo’s Abbey

Except for the St Bavo’s Cathedral, St Bavo’s Abbey also has a mystic history. It says that people who walk around this building will feel sobering. It is an interesting feeling that invites the visitors who curious about the story of St Bavo’s Abbey. Unfortunately, this place is not available to visit every day. There is someday which is forbidden to visit this place. Therefore, before visiting this place, make sure that St Bavo’s abbey is available.

5. Visiting Ghent Belfry

Another beautiful place in Ghent is Ghent Belfry. If you still confused about what to do in Ghent, you may visit this beautiful place. Ghent Belfry is near St Michael’s Bridge. Therefore, you must visit Ghent Belfry if you still have enough time in Ghent. It says that Ghent Belfry is the tallest building in Belgium that is avowed by UNESCO World Heritage. It is a wonderful appreciation for Ghent. Therefore, we must not pass this place when having a holiday in Ghent.

To sum up, there are still many beautiful places that we never know before, such as Ghent. Thus, we should not go to a famous place to see beautiful places. We can go whenever and whatever the place as long as the place is beautiful.