Why Use Influencer To Promote Your Product? Here Is The Reasons


Promotions can be the first thing that brings your product to massive customers. They’re also a lot of ways to do the promo. Here are a few reasons why use influencer┬áto promote your product.

1. They Have Lot Of Fans

The first and the most important reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have a lot of fans. Their social media certainly have thousands or million followers.

Moreover, they followed the influencer willingly. Just because they like or adore them much.

The fans also always keeping up with the influencer’s updates. So anything they post or said the fans will know immediately.

2. Budget-Friendly

Hiring an influencer also a budget-friendly way to reach more new customers. Most of them have a different range price, according to the follower.

The more follower, then higher the price. You can choose whoever the influencer as much as your budget.

3. More Effective

The third reason why use influencers to promote your product is effectiveness. They already have segmented viewers who also interested in the same kind of things.

For example, if you have an organic beauty product, you can find beauty influencers which also interested in organic products. Because they have followers who also interested in organic beauty products too.

Your promotion will be more effective because you get the right segment. The viewers will easier to understand what is the plus things about your product.

4. They Are Creative

The next reason is, they are creative. Influencers sometimes have a team that focused to make a unique product promotion.

The team and the influencer will make an interesting campaign according to what you want to promote. This is why people love them.

The way they make a promotion sometimes different to the tv or radio promotion. They made it depend on their social media style.

For example, if the influencer is using Instagram. They can make a cute photo with your product with a brief review in the caption.

Or making a review video in Instagram story, and post. It all depends on your needs and budget too.

5. They Have Two-Way Communication With Followers

The next positive reason why use influencers to promote your product is that they have two-way communications. The follower can reach the influencer through message and comment.

They can give feedback to the influencer about the product. That feedback can be a criticism to you or the influencer.

This differs from the radio or tv commercial break. They just “serve” and offer the product without hearing what people think about the product.

These 5 reasons why use influencers to promote your product is enough to show that hiring an influencer is a good thing to do. Hiring them means not only have a platform to promote, but also getting people’s insight.

Moreover, they can give a wide range of prices according to your budget and needs. You just need to send them a message through their manager.

They will send you the price list. If it is good, then send your product and tell them what the plus things about the product. The last thing is, let them be creative.