Top 5 Famous Traditional Markets In The World You Must Visit Someday

If you go abroad, make sure you visit traditional markets. Traditional markets there must be very interesting to visit and have interesting items for you to buy. If you like shopping for good items at affordable prices, you can visit famous traditional markets in the world.

Top 5 Famous Traditional Markets In The World You Must Visit Someday

These traditional markets are very well popular all over the world so you better not miss it. You will see many special items that you do not find anywhere else. Let’s look at the reviews of the following about famous traditional markets in the world:

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thailand is famous for its cheap goods shopping paradise. This is a one-stop open market with a variety of low prices that you can find in Thailand. This market concept is only available on weekends, namely Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Furthermore, this market is a tourist attraction with many thousands of stalls and various kinds of merchandise. You can easily see people selling clothes, accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, furniture, and so on. For those of you who want a culinary tour, this is one of the paradises.

2. Grand Bazaar

This market is the oldest ancient market in Turkey. In addition, this market presents a variety of trinkets and souvenirs typical of Turkey at an affordable price. That is why this market is one of the famous traditional markets in the world.

This market is open from 09.00 until 19.00, except on Sundays and public holidays. Even though this market is old, this is far from the impression of slums and old. This market is memorable exotic and majestic. The corridor is very artistic, flickering light, and the walls are so beautiful.

3. La Boqueria

This market is very interesting and provides an overview of the lives of local residents who are energetic. You can blend in with local life while enjoying Mediterranean food. One thing that makes food in this market delicious is because the sellers use fresh ingredients.

Now, more than 200 stalls are in this market. This market not only sells food, but also fish, meat, seafood, fruit, fresh vegetables, milk, spices, sweets, and so on. If you are a fan of sweets, this market is a paradise for various types of sweets and cakes.

4. Souks of Marrakesh

This traditional market provides many items such as Souq Oudaya. The atmosphere in this market is also really traditional. In addition, the items here are also handicrafts from the local community. You will find a lot of leather, metal, carpet and pottery items.

This market also sells traditional Muslim clothing for those of you who want to hunt for Muslim clothes. Other traditional items that can be your choice of collection to take home are typical Moroccan headgear. If you like decoration, you can also buy Moroccan lanterns.

5. Marche aux Puces de Saint

France is the perfect place to shop for antiques and luxury items. If you travel to Paris, you should consider visiting the flea market. You can feel the sensation of vintage Paris in the flea market.

At the flea market, you can shop for decent products at low prices. Or you can see many antique products that have historical value. Many sellers are closed on Mondays. Therefore, you are better off visiting this market on weekends.

Those are the top famous traditional markets in the world you must visit. You can choose items that you like or country-specific items. Furthermore, you will feel the sensation of shopping that you will not get anywhere else.