What to do in ghent

Talking about the beautiful places, we may find many beautiful places more than we never think before, including Ghent. Wondering about the beautiful side of Ghent, we may wonder more about what to do in Ghent. Thus, if you are interested in knowing about Ghent, we will show you what you can do in Ghent.

1. Visiting Gravensteen

There are many beautiful places that we can spend our special momenta as long as in Ghent. One of the places is Gravensteen in Ghent. If you ever think about a fairytale castle where the prince and princess alive, you will see the real castle in Ghent. Gravensteen is a castle of counts in Dutch.

This place is incredibly beautiful with great architecture. You will be surprised by looking at this building. Besides, today the Gravensteen changes into a museum of the judicial objects. You can see many collections of weapons. Thus, the first thing you should put on the list of what to do in Ghent is visiting this beautiful place.

2. Visiting St Michael’s Bridge

Perhaps, you want to see another beautiful architecture place in Ghent, you may try to visit St Michael’s Bridge. This place is the bridge that is located surround the architecture building. From this bridge, you will get a beautiful angle by seeing the Medieval tower of Ghent, the Belfry of Ghent, and also St Bavo’s Cathedral. This bridge will be the best place for taking a great picture.

3. Visiting St Bavo’s Cathedral

After visiting St Michael’s bridge, you may visit St Bavo’s Cathedral which is located nearby. This cathedral is the icon of Ghent since the 11th century. St Bavo’s cathedral has a horror side because it says that Charles v was baptized in this place. However, the horror story cannot break the interesting side of this place. People still interested in this place and come to see.

4. Visiting St Bavo’s Abbey

Except for the St Bavo’s Cathedral, St Bavo’s Abbey also has a mystic history. It says that people who walk around this building will feel sobering. It is an interesting feeling that invites the visitors who curious about the story of St Bavo’s Abbey. Unfortunately, this place is not available to visit every day. There is someday which is forbidden to visit this place. Therefore, before visiting this place, make sure that St Bavo’s abbey is available.

5. Visiting Ghent Belfry

Another beautiful place in Ghent is Ghent Belfry. If you still confused about what to do in Ghent, you may visit this beautiful place. Ghent Belfry is near St Michael’s Bridge. Therefore, you must visit Ghent Belfry if you still have enough time in Ghent. It says that Ghent Belfry is the tallest building in Belgium that is avowed by UNESCO World Heritage. It is a wonderful appreciation for Ghent. Therefore, we must not pass this place when having a holiday in Ghent.

To sum up, there are still many beautiful places that we never know before, such as Ghent. Thus, we should not go to a famous place to see beautiful places. We can go whenever and whatever the place as long as the place is beautiful.

best places to go in spring

After a cold season, spring is one season people wait for. In this season, the temperature is just perfect for a holiday because it is not too hold or cold. No wonder, many people prefer to go on a holiday in this season of the year. However, people must be aware that spring in-country occurs in different months. Therefore, make sure to know the weather first before visiting the country. So, where are the best places to go in Spring and what to do there?

best places to go in spring

Well, first people should know that spring usually comes in March- June in most places in the world. America, Japan and countries in New York have their spring in those months. However, Australia has spring in Sep- Nov, when others usually are starting to get snow. So, you can choose these months to discover and go for a holiday in spring. As for the places, here are the best places to go in Spring that you should consider:

1. Geneva, Switzerland

Who doesn’t know this country that is famous for its chocolate and cheese? Well, this country is not only famous for its foods but there are many beautiful places that they can visit during spring. At this time of the year, the flower will bloom and spread around the country. This view is worth to see while walking around the city or just riding your bike. 

2. Mexico City

If you haven’t been to Mexico, then come and visit this city in Spring. The weather in spring is just like the California climate, plenty of sunshine and the air is just friendly. Therefore, this is the perfect time of the year to explore the city and stroll around. There are plenty of art galleries that people can visit in Mexico that will make you amazed by art. And if you are lucky, you can also see traditional dancing in Mexico. Usually, at the beginning of spring, people will start to dance anywhere and anytime. 

3. Virginia Beach, USA

Planning the holiday with the whole family can sometimes be confusing. Therefore, if you want everyone to enjoy the holiday, one of the best places to go in spring is Virginia. In this city, you can enjoy the beach and local farms that will be fun for the kids. There, kids can pick their vegetables and fruits, and learn new things at once. As for the adults, you can enjoy the café and restaurants that provide delicious foods and drinks. 

4. Marrakesh, Morocco

Come to this country when it is spring to feel the warm weather and friendly wind. In this season, you can explore the traditional markets that are open from day tonight. There are many products that you can buy from traditional clothing, foods to accessories. Don’t forget to also do a desert trip this season because this is the best temperature of the year. 

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Everyone knows that Turkey is full of beautiful places and spots when Spring occurs. You can see any trees and flowers starting to bloom with many kinds of colors. This is also the best time to experience the air balloon because the wind is not too hard. The weather is also warm which makes the trip comfortable. 

So, don’t get confused because there are many places that you can visit when spring comes. However, some of the best places to go in Spring are usually a bit crowded. Therefore, try to come on weekdays so you can enjoy the place privately.  

A vacation is one of the best alternatives to relieve fatigue after a long time of working. With vacation, an energy  that has been drained so far can be fully charged again. And maybe Arizona can be one of the vacation destinations. The following are some of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

Arizona is a country in the United States that is known for having very hot summers and not-so-cold winters. It has some very interesting and different vacation destinations than usual.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Being one of the seven wonders of the world proves that the Grand Canyon National Park deserves to be made as to the best destination with budget in Arizona. Grand Canyon also known as “red rock country”. It has a uniqueness where the canyon is reddish-orange and has various shapes.

It will be enough to spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. More than five million visitors who come to see the magic of the Canyon that lies between Coconico and Yavapai, United States. This holiday will not require much expenditure compared to vacationing in urban areas. So, Grand Canyon National Park can be one of the best destinations with a budget in Arizona.

2. Powell Lake

The next destination is Powell Lake. This lake is located in Utah and Arizona, United States. The lake formed by Glen Canyon flood has become a popular summer tourist destination. This place will surely be a paradise for those who like camping, fishing, waterskiing, boating, and exploring the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Powell lake also has a number of landmarks including the Glen Canyon dam that has kept Powell lake as it is today. There is the biggest natural bridge called the Rainbow Bridge. And there is also the Hite Crossing Bridge which is the only bridge that stretches on Powell Lake. Powell lake is also one of the best destinations with budget in Arizona.

3. Antelope Canyon

Still, with a canyon, Arizona has another very famous canyon, Antelope Canyon. This canyon has a very beautiful view formed from the erosion of Navajo hand stone. This lake is located at Page, Coconico County, United States. Pricesely in the Navajo Indian Reservation which is the largest shelter of the Indian Dine tribe.

It would be better to come to this canyon in summer. Because in the rainy season it is feared that there will be flash floods which will certainly endanger anyone’s life. Even so in the summer, the Antelope Canyon will look very beautiful and can be used as one of best destinations with budget in Arizona.

4. Horseshoe Bend

Next up from the destinations with budget in Arizona is Horsesshoe Bend. Located in Page, Arizona, United States. Horseshoe Bend is a horse tread from the Colorado River. This bend is also not far from the canyon dam and Powell Lake.

The uniqueness of the horseshoe-shaped bend is the main attraction of this place. So there are certainly many people who are interested in visiting this place every year.

5. Sedona

The last of the best destinations with budget in Arizona is Sedona. Different from the previous place which is a natural tourist spot, Sedona is a city located between the districts of Coconico and Yavapai.

What’s interesting about this city is an arrangement of red stones that will look very beautiful when exposed to sunlight. More recommended if you come to this city at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the beauty of this city.

Those are some vacation destinations with a budget that can be considered if you want to visit Arizona. All of those places have their own beauty and uniqueness that is a shame if passed up.


The beaches, located in the capital San Juan, are among the most accessible all year round. The beaches in San Juan also offer beautiful views and provide fun for visitors of all ages. Here is a list of the best beach in San Juan.

1 Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is between Old San Juan and Condado. This beach is an ideal destination if you want to visit this neighborhood and because this beach is easy to reach. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, this place is good for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Under another name Bateria del Escambron, this is a beautiful beach to make a family recreation area. Especially with various activities that must be carried out. This beach is the best beach in San Juan

2. Playa Condado

Playa Condado or Condado Beach has a location close to high-class luxury hotels in the Condado area. This is a long beach which a popular name with sun worshipers. Playa Condado is also located in Parque La Ventana al Mar.

A small garden with a dining area and beautiful sea views. The west side of the beach is Playita del Condado suitable for children. Because there has calmer waters.

In addition, Playa Condado is a beach with an iconic natural charm that largely reflects the image of San Juan. There you can do fun water activities such as swimming, diving or surfing.

3. Beaches on Culebra Island

This small island with beautiful beaches and fertile hills has a unique character. About 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of the Caribbean island of Saint Thomas. Culebra is only seven miles long and three miles wide, with 23 islands off its coast.

Coral reefs in this area are considered the best in the entire Caribbean. More than a third of Culebra is designated as the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, includes Cayo Luis Peña, a small island west of Culebra. Here, coves and steep terrain make for some interesting but challenging hiking opportunities.

4. Playa Flamenco

Playa Flamenco, located on the eastern island of Culebra, has a long stretch of sand and clear seawater. This beach also hosts the most amazing masterpieces in all of Puerto Rico. Namely 50s era army tanks decorated with graffiti which is a historical legacy.

The horseshoe shape of Playa Flamenco is the most popular beach on the island and as close as possible to the perfect. The water is clear without surfing, making it a good place for swimming or diving, and its white sand is filled with palm trees.

5. Luquillo

Have a location near the entrance to El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo is also famous for its array of food stalls. With a variety of types ranging from extraordinary fried snacks, fritura, seafood to exotic local food.

To escape easily from the busy beaches of San Juan, Luquillo is an exceptional choice. Luquillo Beach, just a short drive from the city, is a stretch of gold-plated palm sand that offers a fair level of calm. In addition without the buildings and high development around it.

Those are some of the best beach in San Juan. So the beach can be a recommendation for tourist destinations that are worth a visit. If visiting San Juan, don’t forget to visit one of these beaches.

reasons why you have to visit kyoto

reasons why you have to visit kyoto

Kyoto, a city in Japan that is full of historical and cultural places. It was one of the capital city of Japan until it was moved to Tokyo. Kyoto is not like other cities in Japan, it is different and unique. This is one of the many reasons why you have to visit Kyoto.

Now, what is so interesting in Kyoto that makes you must visit it? Well, firstly all the cities in Japan are interesting. However, if tourists are curious about Japan’s culture, then Kyoto is the answer. Other than historical places, Kyoto has many destinations and attractions that will make you choose to visit Kyoto.

Visiting Japan without coming to Kyoto is just not complete. If you are planning to go to Japan, spare 3-4 days of the holiday to come and see the beautiful side of this City. Why? Well, these are some reasons why you have to visit Kyoto!

1. Full of Historical Places and Beautiful Scenery

There are many temples and historical places in Kyoto. It is admitted as the world’s heritage sites. One of the famous temples is Kiyomizu Dera Temple. This temple is in Higashiyama District. Despite the exhausting track, the scenery of the hill on top is worth it all. On the top, visitors will able to see colorful shrines in Kyoto. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this moment!

2.  Food and Drinks

The holiday is just not complete without culinary. When visiting Kyoto, don’t forget to try the sake and foods too. A traditional food that visitors can try when in Kyoto is Kyo Kaiseki. This is not a single dish. However, it is a collection of food compiled together. At first sight, the food will look quite interesting and unique. For those who like in Japan food would sure love the taste of this food. Kaiseki is available in a most traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

3. Affordable Budget

Japan is known for its expensive costs. However, compared to Tokyo, Kyoto is much cheaper. The food and hotels in Kyoto are more affordable for both personal or family trips. There are quite enough options of hotels from budget hotels to mid-range hotels. As for the foods, you can eat in many traditional restaurants available in Kyoto. 

4.  Easy Transportation

Kyoto is not a big city. Therefore, it is quite easy to move from one place to another. There is also public transportation such as bus, taxi, and trains if you’re for a far distance. If you are planning to just scroll around Kyoto, then you can ride a bike. There are many bike rentals available.

So, are you still curious about the reasons why you have to visit Kyoto? From all the explanations, Kyoto is a very friendly destination. Whether you are planning to visit personally or with your family, Kyoto is still recommended. The weather is also very nice, not too hot but not cold either. Therefore, you can come and visit the city at any time of the year.

best place to visit in south korea
best place to visit in south korea

School holiday is always an exciting moment for every kid. They must be hoping to go somewhere with their mom and dad. South Korea could be the best option to fulfill their dream. This country has many beautiful destinations that kids friendly. Don’t be confused because we will share with you the best place to visit in South Korea here.

Why we recommend you to visit South Korea because you can get a complete holiday here. The historical trip, feel like local people, taste culinary, see the culture, visit education spots, shopping, and sightseeing are packed at the same time. You don’t have to waste more time to create another trip to South Korea. Unless you are falling in love with its lovely scenery and culture. But if you only have limited time, below are the best place to visit in South Korea:

1. The Bukchon Hanok Village

Act like a local person is an amazing experience. The perfect location is in the Bukchon Hanok Village, one of the traditional villages in Seoul. Here, you can rent the hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, for several hours. Don’t worry, because this attire is available in various sizes and models, for men, women, and kids. Don’t forget to take pictures in front of the palaces. There are two palaces there, the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Changdeokgung Palace.

2. The Lotte World Tower

The Lotte World Tower is one of the South Korea icons. As the 5th tallest building in the world, this tower has 555 meters high. Take the Sky Shuttle, a double-decker ride, and enjoy the journey from floor to floor. The higher the Sky Shuttle, the more amazing view you will see. Taking this shuttle is safe with the kids, as long as you watch them very well.

3. Seoul

Your trip to South Korea never is completed without visiting Seoul. This capital city will become the best place to visit in South Korea. Getting around this city with your kids is comfortable. When you have an infant, there are nursery rooms for moms. You can set your kids on the stroller to get convenience sightseeing. Many things you can see here. Don’t be worry when you want to take public transportation. Bus and train are accessible for strollers too.

Staying in Seoul is the best decision. You can choose kinds of hotels, starts at a low cost until the fancy one. If you want to feel staying like traditional Korean homestay, there are Hanok, an old-style home living for Korean.

4. Seoraksan National Park

Explore the beauty of South Korea scenery by visiting Seoraksan National Park. This Korean countryside is absolutely beautiful. You won’t return to the hotel once you do outdoor activities there. When in winter, this park is good for skiing. Some people take a cable car ride with high speed, but it is still safe. Not to mention, the scenery is just a piece of Seoraksan National Park. There are two Buddhist temples, Baekdamsa and Sinheungsa, that interesting for a historical trip.

5. Myeongdong

Every woman would love this shopping district. Because Myeongdong is one of the primary sites in Seoul. Along the street and every corner are stood the department stores, fashion boutiques, and outlets. It seems like a heaven for shopping crazy. The husband and the kids can enjoy a tasty restaurant. So, it is like a win-win solution for everyone there.

Talking about South Korea would never be enough. There are still many family-friendly spots. The five best place to visit in South Korea above are must be included in your list. You might add more destinations if you have longer time.