In the digital era, social media is an effective weapon to target your potential customers. It is like something that can bombardier people in any direction. From their friends, pop up ads, timeline, recommendations, and many more. Thus, traditional or conventional media becomes a second option. As this media is growing and updating is fast-paced, you should read this article carefully. Because we want to share with you how to promote your business on social media.

Remember, using social media is not only about sharing your product. You must include value inside if you want a quality promotion. No spamming, or even worse spreading bad trending. Since promotion strongly relates to your brand, thus be careful in stepping inside this game. Here are the hacks for newbies about how to promote your business on social media:

1. Choose the Right Platform

You know there are lots of social media today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just pieces of popular social media. There are still many kinds of social media out there. Choose the right platform will make your promotion effective. Because each social media has its own user’s characteristics and also different features. Determine which target you want to hot, then decide which channel is the best.

2. Set the Schedule

Knowing that many kinds of social media, you must focus on it. But it doesn’t mean you only use one or two social media. The more you can maximize social media, the wider the opportunity you might get. Thus, making a schedule is important for your promotion activity. Set the schedule based on the content you plan to post. This could be your way to make an integrated marketing program too.

3. Stay Cool

We know that you might be excited about doing promotion through social media. But keep in mind that don’t over-promoting. We have mentioned above that spamming will disturb your followers or circle. Besides setting the schedule, you can also manage the post. For example, three days for the promotional post, two days for articles, and the rest is for a quiz or other activations. This system will be more interesting than just a promotion only.

4. Solve the Problem

The problem is not always a complaint. The unanswered question is also a problem for your customer. Thus, be responsible for every feedback. Say thanks for every compliment that shows your appreciation to them. Do apologize for their inconvenient and give them clarification. Also, answer their questions as fast as you can. If you are easy to reach, you already built a bond with them. This is an empathy way of how to promote your business on social media.

5. Build a Community

You must keep your loyal customers by making a community. Once they love your brand, they will share your post and anything you do happily. They could be a social influencer and this is a benefit for your business. Because you don’t have to pay them but they promote your business. Furthermore, you can ask them to review or give a testimonial about your product or service. As the appreciation, prepare a small unique gimmick.

How to promote your business on social media is about creating engagement, value, and trends too. No matter value for engagement, social issue, or anything. When people are getting more open-minded, product or service is now seen by how far your business contributes to people’s life and environment Once you can pack them into an attractive message, share it through social media.